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 OMK! SaturKays with Kalen Allen Are Here TheEllenShow
vor 2 Jahren
Kalen Allen covers it all and turns Saturdays into SaturKays in the new original series OMKalen. Ellen Show fans know Kalen as ...
 'OMKalen': Kalen Is Back, Baby! TheEllenShow
vor 7 Monaten
Kalen is back to help you start off your weekend the best way he knows how with brand new SaturKays To kick it off Kalen is ...
 'OMKalen': Kalen Reacts to Seltzer Chicken and Canned Fish Cake TheEllenShow
vor 1 Jahr
This week on OMKalen Kalen reacts to an Orange-Flavored Seltzer Water Chicken and a Canned Fish and Saltine Cake.
 OMK – Is That Chicken on the Runway?! Kalen Reacts to Peculiar Fashion Show TheEllenShow
vor 2 Jahren
Kalen Allen reacts to a peculiar fashion show filled with chicken feet dishware and carpets being worn as fashion. Watch all-new ...
 Saturkay take over BaE Nation
vor 4 Jahren
Kei has taken over another vlog Sorry the intro somehow got deleted while I was looking at it. Remember to follow us: Twitter- ...
 OMK! Beyoncé's Twins Sir and Rumi Win Kalen’s Heart TheEllenShow
vor 2 Jahren
This week on OMKalen Kalen Allen reacts to Beyoncés twin reveal Kim K and President Donald Trump news an IHOP name ...
 OMK! From Kool-Aid Pickles to Wedding Disasters, Kalen Allen Covers It All TheEllenShow
vor 2 Jahren
Kalens weekly roundup takes on flying hot dog injuries Kool-Aid pickles and a brides worst nightmare. Summer has arrived with ...
 OMK! Ellen's Favorite Food Critic Is Back with More Outrageous Food Reviews! The Kalen Allen
vor 1 Monat
When it comes to food reviews food critic Kalen Allen is the best. Check out this special edition of OMKalen in which he reviews ...