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Rubik's Cube Magician That SHOCKED Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 10, 2018
  • Watch Genius Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage on America's Got Talent 2016 (AGT), as he shocked Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges. What did you think about his card and magic cube tricks auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • Shaye Koha

    Shaye Koha

     17 minutes ago

    To think people are trying to make a new world record for the shortest time to solve a Rubik’s cube yet he’s doing it in 1 second 😂

  • kwanit gupta

    kwanit gupta

     55 minutes ago

    Notice the trick at semi final performance

    I played it at 0.25x and in the initial solving of Rubik cube by one hand, i found something fishy

    Notice at 6:53....pinpoint , it is not solved fully , only 3 sides are shown to be solved....#judges fooled.....

  • Bianca Desai

    Bianca Desai

     17 hours ago

    3:26 look it’s Sofie Dossi!

  • H A R M L E S S P I C K L E

    H A R M L E S S P I C K L E


    Harry, you look a bit different...

  • Gabriel Raftopoulos

    Gabriel Raftopoulos





     2 days ago +1

    🤔How did he do that 😲

  • XxJ_lovespotato_xX


     2 days ago

    Like the part at 1:01 it so satisfying when he crush the bag

  • Trol Io

    Trol Io

     2 days ago

    He solved it fast in the bag he has done it a lot of times it’s easy

  • llMangoJuicell


     2 days ago

    Every female was wet on this night

  • Neil Mahajan

    Neil Mahajan

     3 days ago

    6:53 that’s when u can see the Rubik’s cube isn’t mixed on one side

  • Yuri Suzuki

    Yuri Suzuki

     3 days ago

    I cant breathe omg amazing

  • Emily Soto

    Emily Soto

     3 days ago

    Like if in 2019

  • Emily Soto

    Emily Soto

     3 days ago


  • DUDE#23


     3 days ago +3

    This dude's just overusing the fact that the audience is very unknowledgeable about cube Mechanics

  • Dan Boutilier

    Dan Boutilier

     4 days ago


  • TKipp


     4 days ago

    That guy is a genius

  • Diamond King

    Diamond King

     4 days ago

    I know how he did this one , he did do a specific Pattern That the Illusion comes That its solveld But ist isnt

  • omaryaboi lol

    omaryaboi lol

     4 days ago

    Did he win tho

  • ORI


     5 days ago +1

    i aM iN sHoCk

  • Rsng Sheen

    Rsng Sheen

     5 days ago

    When he throws it up he turns the cube i saw that at low playback speed