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Acer Swift 7 Review 2018

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • The 2018 Acer Swift 7 is the world's thinnest laptop. But this year they made a few too many sacrifices.

    If you REALLY want it -

    The idea is cool. Super thin notebooks are beautiful to look at but once you start sacrificing basic functionality to obtain that thin form factor, that's the wrong move.

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  • Dave Lee

    Dave Lee

     a years ago +3382

    This laptop needs more T H I C C sauce

  • Lawrence Cavens

    Lawrence Cavens

     7 days ago

    You got to admit David - Acer nailed it and beat Apple as Apple was the first to try and go that route
    but seemed to miss the mark - and you're quite right about the thinness is a bit to much where it wouldn't take much to break less it was made of Aluminum.

  • Minje Kim

    Minje Kim

     1 months ago

    If acer can make a good keyboard in something that thin, what the hell is apple’s excuse??

  • adam heeley

    adam heeley

     2 months ago

    $1700!! I was expecting like $500 at the most.

  • Semenyo Dokpo

    Semenyo Dokpo

     3 months ago

    good review!

  • Godtistic


     3 months ago +1

    $1700 for a $500 laptop?? Hahahaha

  • Prem Bk

    Prem Bk

     3 months ago

    Sir can you make some best mobile phone for dslr camera

  • MadThay21


     3 months ago

    My wallet is thinner

  • Victoire N.

    Victoire N.

     3 months ago

    i think that it does not have any backlight keyboard as well which is important.

  • zohanrock


     3 months ago

    i suppose you could cut a cake with it.

  • Raygen


     3 months ago

    Sliding that Ultrabook under a closed dor
    Best reasen to buy it

  • Wallets246


     3 months ago

    Just got the Swift 5 and for me it's the sweet spot of thin/light but good functionality/performance

  • Mona G

    Mona G

     3 months ago

    If I chose between the Swift 3 and Swift 5, which one should I go for?

  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

    Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

     4 months ago

    No otherwise it would be compromising on thickness, there are always compromises, I love thin

  • Nickle Bottom

    Nickle Bottom

     4 months ago

    Did dave just change the title of this video?

  • Akash Saha

    Akash Saha

     5 months ago

    hey dave please make a video on asus tuf fx 570

  • ced


     5 months ago

    The new 2019 model has a clickable trackpad

  • Danieloncarevic


     5 months ago +2

    * Waiting for the review on the 2019 model... *

  • George Banin

    George Banin

     5 months ago

    i'd waste money on a zephyrus(very thin,very portable and it has a dedicated GPU) than this garbage

  • George Banin

    George Banin

     5 months ago

    how do they compromise on so many specs,and it still cost that much,this is stupid