✴️炸枝竹|做煲仔菜的炸枝竹|簡易在家中炸|可用空氣炸鍋EngSub|Fried Bean Curd Stick -  免费在线视频最佳电影电视节目 -  Viveos.Net

✴️炸枝竹|做煲仔菜的炸枝竹|簡易在家中炸|可用空氣炸鍋EngSub|Fried Bean Curd Stick

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 16, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-GEAHoqOJIw


  • Bobo's Kitchen 寶寶滋味館

    Bobo's Kitchen 寶寶滋味館

     14 days ago

    ✴️BoBoKitchen video to link⬇

  • Eric Su

    Eric Su

     28 days ago +1


  • Molle Parr

    Molle Parr

     a months ago

    I really enjoy your commentary/instructions in simple cooking terms with jokes and tips thrown in......but importantly, love HKG Cantonese.

    Are you able to cook mushroom with fattchoy .....aka Tung gu Mun fatt choy please??

  • Ada Ching

    Ada Ching

     a months ago +3

    寶寶 好喜歡看你教煮餸,我剛在淘寶購買了氣炸鍋你可否多些介紹氣炸鍋的烹調食譜,謝謝你!

  • orange orange

    orange orange

     a months ago

    出街食煲仔菜炸支竹得幾條, 我通常買現成的炸枝竹回家自己做煲仔菜, 原來咁樣炸多謝分享😚👍

  • So Lin Yip

    So Lin Yip

     a months ago


  • SW


     a months ago +1

    赞 !煮食好手艺!

  • Chong Mei Kuen

    Chong Mei Kuen

     a months ago

    Thanks for sharing but i prefer ' air fryer' cos i didn't soak in water

  • chad RULES111

    chad RULES111

     a months ago

    Thank you for you,I will try it

  • curiouslysimple


     a months ago +1

    I fried it before (without soaking) and used it straight into a stew and loved the chewy texture. I didn’t boil it in water though....maybe I should have? Can you please show us how you use it in recipes? And if possible a photo of what the ready made fried soy skin you mentioned looks like (that is easily bought in HK), I’ve never seen it and would like a visual reference. Thank you so much for this video! I love all your videos! I’m overseas hongkonger living in Australia.

  • infinity and beyond

    infinity and beyond

     a months ago +1

    there's couple restaurant here in Brooklyn bear the name of ' bo bo kitchen" , is that your place?
    if you own a restaurant here in NYC, could you post the address, thanks 😘😘😘