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農村炆羊肉 - 財政預算案 Lamb Navarin

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • 今集整一個法國人春天菜式,同埋講下啱啱出爐嘅財政預算案,最重要都係屌柒陳茂波。

    A classic French spring stew. Apologies but there is no English subtitles for today's topic.

    羊肩肉1.5公斤 - 1.5kg of lamb shoulder
    洋蔥兩個 - 2 onions
    胡蘿蔔兩條 - 2 carrots
    京蔥一條 - 1 leek
    蒜三瓣 - 3 cloves of garlic
    迷迭香一湯匙 - 1tbsp of rosemary
    百里香一湯匙 - 1tbsp of thyme
    月桂葉兩至三片 - 2-3 bay leaves
    黑胡椒粒半湯匙 - half a tbsp of black pepper
    番茄膏兩湯匙 - 2tbsp of tomato puree
    白葡萄酒一杯 - 1 cup of white wine
    雞湯800毫升 - 800ml of chicken stock
    新薯八個 - 8 new potatoes
    青豆150克 - 150g of green peas
    荷蘭甘筍八條 - 8 dutch carrots
    白蘆筍八條 - 8 white asparagus
    薄荷葉 - mint leaves to garnish
    酸奶 - sour cream to garnish
  • Source: https://youtu.be/-YrMP6V6hKM


  • Nefryt Novy

    Nefryt Novy

     a years ago +602

    [長post慎入] 6:02 - 10:07
    This week our Financial Secretary, the Hon. Paul Chan, announced "The 2018/9 Budget."
    But before I start, can someone tell me how this absolute wanker got the job?
    His face screams "SCANDAL" - land reserves, partitioned flats, drunk-driving, libel;
    or how 'bout that Teresa Cheng (Secretary of Justice) and her UBWs;
    or that lovely bunch from DAB (pro-Beijing party) with fake degrees and what not;
    or those heifers Leticia Lee (snacktivist) and W.Y. Wat (radical pro-Beijing columnist) -
    bollocks! Does it take a certain measure of effrontery to work for this sell-out gov't?

    Back to the Budget. We've a $138 billion surplus, and many bitched about it for not divvying up some of that dough. (cf. 2011 "Scheme $6000")
    Now I myself am against that, as the long-term benefits are limited, to individuals and society alike.
    See, 7 grand would mean casino blows for the middle-aged, or a couple of Supreme garments for the youth.
    Hand-outs are short-sighted and won't curry the people's favour. The gov't may think, "I'm damned anyways! Money doesn't tame them unlike the Macanese. They would still speak out against injustice and shite on me. Fuck it."
    But after hearing Paul's announcement, I began to think, "Hand-outs are miles better, you arsewipe."
    Because his ideas are 90% crap.

    $20B for the Lok Ma Chau Loop (inno-tech dev.), $300M for Ocean Park, $100M for e-sports at Cyberport (a failed digital dev. project) - more like underground deals than a proper plan.
    Is Ocean Park going broke? A small bump on its balance sheet and you're giving up $300M?
    For Cyberport, funded by you lot for 2 decades, you've done zip. Nada. Save for Residence Bel-Air where the rich keep their sugarbabies and affairs. And you're thinking e-sports? The mall is a place no worse for that!
    Look, gamers are young and don't earn much, do you fully expect them to blow thousands a month just to COMMUTE to game? They'll back the fuck out because they're not insane like you!
    Cyberport has 0 accessibility, 0 direction and 0 future. It doesn't take a genius to smell something fishy.
    If those millions are going to waste, why not hand 'em out?

    Oh, and there's $2B for spiking internal sales and raising competitiveness of SMEs.
    The same shite since Donald Tsang's era, look at SMEs today!
    Hegemony's still around, shutting down your hard-earned corner café.
    Your dreams of a retail business are smashed by good ol' Li.
    It's all the same - everytime the gov't promises the greater picture, the long run, where's the fucking plan?
    If only we know what these cunts in office are thinking.
    This fuckwit Paul, who knows the wines at the Jockey Club by heart, and NOTHING MORE.
    You are one gob-smacking cunt.

    It still begs the original question - what qualifies him as Financial Secretary?
    Must the post-97 HK slash borders with China, to let incompetent twats rule the place?
    Food for thought, I say. Everyone have a wank before bed, and think about it before drifting off.

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    How about this year?

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