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Me and my brother found a TERRIFYING treasure next to our COUNTRYHOUSE

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 2, 2019
  • Hello story-lovers! My name is Archie, and I want to tell you a creepy story that happened to me and my brother.
    I have a twin brother. His name is Tim. We always were naughty boys, constantly seeking for some adventures. For example, I always dreamed of finding a real treasure, just like in the pirates movies. Tim shared my dream.
    In summer we always went to my grandma to «take a break from our adventures». My parents had a long summer vacation which they spent with each other only. And we lived with our grandma. Well, it was really awesome at the countryside – river, fishing, friends, games and stuff.
    Our grandmother lived in a huge old estate. It was the house of her ancestors.
    We just loved this large house with so many interesting things! It had two floors, three wings, the garden and the deep forest behind it… My granny grow vegetables in front of the house. But behind the house there was the savage nature which perfectly combined with the old house. One could wander across its territory for a week and never meet any other person. So huge it was!
    My grandmother always lived only in three rooms on the ground floor, in the central part of the house. There she had somewhat of a modern kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room. The rest of the house was closed. In theory, it was not allowed to run along there. It could collapse at any moment and we had no money for restoration.
    Despite the bans, we climbed everywhere. My grandma would always grunt on us but she wasn’t totally against it. So our «expeditions» went on. Our special thing was to invite friends for the night, stay in the ex-ballroom and tell horror stories to each other. It was awesome for our friends and they were always very excited. But we couldn’t 100% share their excitement as we lived there and such environment of the old house was common for us.
    There were a lot of mystical rumors about our house. Someone believed there was a white ghost-lady who lived there and trapped travellers.
    But even my granny told us a mystical story, though I was not sure whether she was joking or not. According to the legend, there was a treasure spot in the backside of the garden. In the full moon, the light fell from the top attic window. If you dig in the moonlight spot, you will find the treasure chest with gold and jewelry.
    As you see, we could not miss such a chance anyway.
    We went around the house and found a window - it was right in the center of the house. Then we waited for the moon to come out. We rushed to the moonlight spot and started digging. We were digging like crazy! Suddenly my brother heard a strange crunch under his spade.
    We looked at each other and started digging faster. Soon we found a large wooden chest under the ground and another one next to it. We kept on digging and discovered 10 boxes!
    You can not imagine how happy we were at that moment! We found 9 chests more than it was said! Mentally, we started bathing in gold, spending a lot of bucks.
    We better had thought for a while... when we opened the boxes we started screaming at the top of our lungs. There was neither money, nor gold, nor treasure in the boxes … Instead there were someone's bones! Two skulls, skeletons and some other human remains ... This image was completed by the full moon, the woods, and two teenagers, screaming for help.
    Of course, my grandma immediately ran out the house and gave us the the hell. It turned out, that we mixed up the windows. Ironically, the window we had chosen showed to a small family cemetery.
    Of course, no one had been buried at this cemetery for a long time. And tombstones collapsed a long time ago. But the graves of my grandma's ancestors remained. There was also a small gazebo not far from it, where we liked to play.
    As a result, we didn’t want to search for any adventures any more. Our parents and grandma put a fence, some tombstones and flowers at the graves. Now no one will confuse it with a treasure spot now.
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