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RB1: (FIRST EVER) Green Grass And High Tides FC on NTSC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 24, 2022
  • actually my best FC PERIOD. After a straight month of attempts only 1 reverse choke and only 1 run past 2E. getting a run up to 2E is very fucking annoying because the song is so long and so god damn slow holy shit pump me up with amphetamines so I dont fall asleep and fucking miss before 2e for the 100th time.

    I was so nervous after 2E I dont think ive ever been that nervous in a video game before I straight up was losing my shit and having an autism freakout for 5 mins I could not understand fucking anything and was shaking for 2 hours lmfao. Imagine how you would feel doing countless runs of GGAHT's for a month and the ONE time you get a run past 2E is an FC. Ive never ever cried from this game out of anger I dont get smash mad but holy shit I couldn't hold in my tears of joy It felt so cathartic to cry after getting fucked by this song every single day my asshole is still sore and its not IBS This time.

    and this is the second time I had my dad come in a take a picture of me in front of the stats screen because i'm insanely proud of myself for even attempting this and thank fucking god for Arduino guitars dude without Arduino being a thing on console I would NOT have went for this. even getting a 2E FC on an Arduino is really hard the most I was able to get in a row was 3x's in a row and a couple of 2x in a row.

    for those who havent played RB1 at all I really suggest you try this on NTSC if you live in the US or have a US region xbox. my first 2E FC on this game took me 3 hours how fuck I got it in a run is mind baffling. I will still probs be the only person to FC this on NTSC and honestly that should be the case grinding this sucks. Ive probs lost brain cells and years of my life from needless BS in this song lmfao

    now that this song is done RB1 has now been FGFC'ed on NTSC. now I just need to FC every other song in RB1 and get the first ever 1 person FGFC which Ill do soon.

    now if anyone says its not possible than you can just show them this video lmfao. now that GGAHT's is done I really would like jnack to see about making Rb1DX cause I love RB1 alot but seriously FUCK the strum limit I have the right to say that now. defo want to look into EJN next but probs not for abit need to mentally prepare for a grind like that. (atleast its shorter)

    Arduino Guitar video


    0:00 - Intro Explanation on why this is a first ever FC

    3:31 - 2E FC 3X in a Row on NTSC WTF

    5:08 - Green Grass And High Tides FC on NTSC

    15:13 - FC Reaction

    20:30 - Showing its on NTSC but failing misrably and just showing the two xbox's and the one I FC'ed it on.
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