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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 23, 2017
  • Hey, guys! A well fitted suit is something every man should have in his wardrobe so today I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to suit up with style. If you’d like to see more men’s fashion tips, drop me a line in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of the video and what type of men’s fashion tips you’d like to see next. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶’s connect:IG Email: Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695NY, NY 10108A Full Fat Production
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  • imataco52


     8 months ago +2896

    Smart Doctor
    Good Looking
    Has Style / Knows how to dress himself
    Knows how to stay healthy / Exercise
    Funny / Entertaining
    Plays Video Games

  • Büşra Deniz

    Büşra Deniz

     7 months ago +2743

    fashion has no rules but my budget does

  • Zahash Z

    Zahash Z

     7 months ago +979

    Step 1: Have a Greek God body
    Step 2: irrelevant
    Step 3: irrelevant

  • Fatima ALsinan

    Fatima ALsinan

     2 months ago +674

    I'm genuinely interested even though I'm a girl 😂😂

  • Aparna Goswami

    Aparna Goswami

     7 months ago +995

    Who else is a woman and still watching this only because of the way he looked in the video still ❤

  • Rain Blooms

    Rain Blooms

     2 months ago +169

    Gonna be honest... just wanted to see dr Mike in a suit lol

  • water melon

    water melon

     3 months ago +217

    Two people id ask for tips about suits
    1.JOHN WICK.

  • Event Hʘriךּon

    Event Hʘriךּon

     6 months ago +565

    men look at lingerie ads
    but women look at men suits ads
    jesus he is gorgeous

  • Miss Kitty Grimm

    Miss Kitty Grimm

     9 months ago +433

    I can't believe an 8 minute video explained to me what I'd been researching for 8 hours. This is going in my book!

  • Tamir Cohen

    Tamir Cohen

     10 months ago +590

    So much better than all of the men's fashion channels such as alpha m. You basically just explained everything there is to know about suits in the time it takes them to run a sponsor's ad about watches or underwear and you are much more stylish... and you are a doctor.

  • Cryptidian


     7 months ago +110

    Barney Stinson would be proud.

  • Adam Webb

    Adam Webb

     14 days ago +20

    This is why I wear a tuxedo to work.
    I work in a school.
    As a janitor.

  • Mario Sergio

    Mario Sergio

     6 months ago +73

    I know that half of you slowed down for the tattoo... so
    "Nosce te ipsum" - Know thyself

  • Vanessa Varela

    Vanessa Varela

     3 days ago +3

    An entire video of Dr. Mike trying on suits? Hell yes.

  • FatimaHama


     1 months ago +36

    He's too perfect! Perfect disguise for an assassin or a psychopath

  • Ambrose


     2 months ago +28

    Im a highschooler and i got myself a suit so this helped
    Update got a second suit dark gray got it tailord and its looking good keep up the amazing work during your hours at work and on youtube and always remember chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions

  • MsExplodes


     7 months ago +115

    6:15 You’re welcome

  • Isaiah Lali

    Isaiah Lali

     3 months ago +19

    John Wick is looking for a new doctor

  • Jasmine Burgess

    Jasmine Burgess

     2 months ago +19

    I just watched this video to see Dr. Mike looking Yummy!!!

  • Oliver Chiang

    Oliver Chiang

     yesterday +1

    hope every man watch this video.Really like Pro.Keep your body well fit