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The Roast of Linus Sebastian

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
  • The Roast of Linus Sebastian, fueled by Madrinas Coffee. Introducing a limited time offer of LTT’s Exclusive Vanilla Cold Brew from Madrinas Coffee. Get yours today at and use code LINUS to get 40% off today!Enter the giveaway on our landing page for a chance to win an LTT Cold Brew 6-pack and a bag of the Lambo Micro Roast.Get the new Linus Tech Tips Roast Tee at Thanks to The Black Tux for hooking us up with suits for this event. Use code LINUS15 for $15 off orders at Us:Twitter - - - - Follow Madrinas:Twitter - - - Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
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  • CureSafaia

     2 months ago

    That was better than I expected, I watched the whole thing, I did not intend to at first, but it was so funny

  • A Shah

     1 months ago

    It was the funniest I had seen in ages

  • halis komeç

     1 months ago

    same here

  • Kelton Hunt

     2 months ago

    My favorite part is that Dennis edited this video, meaning he put in subtitles for himself.

  • kumbandit

     6 days ago

    @Bill Belzek Yeah Dennis looks like incredibly fun guy to be around, he looks like he gets real crazy n all that xD

  • DesostaR :

     1 months ago

    Its a shame there aren't any subtitles in real lifeSo then Dennis could roast better with his fluent Chinese back then he used it only to translate a letter from BiliBili and noHe left it for editing time

  • Vivek Bernard

     2 months ago

    Wow Yvonne was last person I expected to go that hard on linus. Like Damn

  • hamid tariq

     2 days ago

    Did he actually ask for threesome

  • kumbandit

     6 days ago

    @Vivek Bernard Amen

  • mon

     2 months ago

    Misread the title as "The Best of Linus Sebastian".Boy was I wrong.

  • Fiks Anzo™

     11 days ago

    It is the best of Linus. He barely speaks for the whole vid.

  • mon

     1 months ago

    @TheFrencoShow Didn't say it was bad. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :^)

  • Kevin S.

     2 months ago

    I am pretty sure Yvonne killed Linus after that roast.

  • Andomaca1

     1 months ago

    She killed him during his roast, her roast was lit!

  • Nanof Urbiznis

     1 months ago

    She was fucking ruthless Jesus Christ 😂😂😂😂 nothing worse than your wife to know what hurts

  • Vikram Vaghela

     2 months ago

    that awkward silence when linus roasted his wife!!

  • 83kaszas

     8 hours ago

    exactly,the dick roast is ok,but if u roast a woman hell nah,awkward silence,fuck modern society.

  • Vincent Laurensius

     3 days ago

    No coochie for linus since then :"(

  • Richard L

     2 months ago

    Everybody Else: "Let's make fun of Linus's height and voice so as to spare his feelings"Yvonne: "I'm about to destroy this whole man's career"

  • Vihara2

     1 months ago

    @Pritsky not any more lol

  • PC C0RN

     2 months ago

    @Pritsky "supposed to be a man"?

  • Patrick Hamhuis

     2 months ago

    Dennis edited this show very flipping well. Let's get some kudo's for Dennis.

  • Stoney Mahoney

     1 months ago

    @vincent castro Everyone wrote their own scripts, but yes.

  • vincent castro

     1 months ago

    @Stoney Mahoney wait it was scripted?!!?!?

  • Harmz

     2 months ago

    First time comenting on a LTT video, fkin actually shocked this thing was hilarious. Well done to the production crew, and everyone for pretty much scamming Madrinas into funding this thing LOOOL

  • Jacob Webb

     22 days ago

    They knew what they were getting into

  • SeniorCooler

     17 days ago

    "CPU, GPU, F**CK U AND U"Best thing I've heard