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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • These are, by far, the weirdest video cards we could find on the market today.

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  • Adi Keezl

    Adi Keezl

     10 hours ago

    Anyone else thinks the Vulcan X looks really good?

  • Jody Barker

    Jody Barker

     21 hours ago

    >Sees IBM PC Jr. with Windows 95 on it.

    I have several questions.

  • IshrakPROGamer 2K19

    IshrakPROGamer 2K19



    My GPU doesn't even have a FAN

  • Anym


     7 days ago

    I remember having to use those fcking inno3d ichills but 1070s during my internship. my god it was a fucking nightmare to put them in a case

  • b o x p e e n

    b o x p e e n

     7 days ago

    actually my card does have a screen

  • Tea Masta

    Tea Masta

     7 days ago

    I would pick up any of these over a jo-shmo graphics card. And most of these is bree perfectly willing to pay extra for. Especially the screen. That's so freaking cool, practicality be damned.

  • Deezybe


     7 days ago

    I just got the half hight 1050 for a converting pc that is using a ryzen 1600 small but good for work and some light gaming if you want....also it is my emulator

  • Vinny Steffanini

    Vinny Steffanini

     7 days ago

    3/10 the lack of background music is bothering me. im used to some nonsense ramble to drown out this fruits voice....

  • Natsumei


     14 days ago

    people in the west: china made bad quality pc components
    also people in the west: use cpu, gpu, motherboard, etc that are made in china

  • Roemer Peters

    Roemer Peters

     14 days ago

    i think that case from cooler master looks like a microwave

  • Rasmus Schraeder

    Rasmus Schraeder

     14 days ago

    I think linus is gay af

  • Laidan 22

    Laidan 22

     21 days ago

    I would like to see how many fans can be crammed onto a gpu while looking good

  • samuele tolin

    samuele tolin

     21 days ago

    I have a low profile 1050

  • Pix


     21 days ago

    Why stick with some everyday card when you can stand out a little with some crazy looking card lol

  • Sun NY

    Sun NY

     21 days ago

    Inno3d and galax very popular in asia.

  • Cole Dowty

    Cole Dowty

     21 days ago

    No wonder the Chinese are so good at games they can look through fucking walls with those graphics cards

  • MKA667


     21 days ago

    2:10 This video is two years old, and you defined low profile PCs another two years old: compared to the slim ones (like that at 1:24) they're not as thin, but at least do not require a PCI-E riser/adapter.
    I may be paranoid, but I don't know if/how that adapter may somehow interfere with the signals on the PCI-E bus: correctly designed PCBs keep the length of every trace exactly the same, because, at those speeds, every difference between the paths, even of a single millimeter, could cause problems.
    Would you trust a cheap unbranded adapter found in one of those cases?
    That's why I'd rather go with an "old" low profile PC... Not to mention being able to use a standard PSU, of course.

  • freaky mind

    freaky mind

     21 days ago

    I have galax 1050 ti exoc 4 giga for 2 years its fucking beast

  • Z K

    Z K

     21 days ago

    украл формат у нитроксенуса

  • josiasnds


     21 days ago

    I saw your video about the small pc made with a mini ITX, i want to make a build like that with some other pieces, ¿in that list there's a graphic card you could recommend me to use to build my computer?