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Comic-Con 2019: The Witcher: Henry Cavill On Becoming Geralt (Exclusive)

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Comic-Con 2019: Henry Cavill on Becoming Geralt & Everything Witcher (Exclusive)More from Entertainment Tonight: from #ETonline :
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  • highlanderknight


     1 months ago +3425

    Please, for the love of God, stop mentioning GOT every time you talk about The Witcher. Its annoying.

  • The sneaky Socialist

    The sneaky Socialist

     1 months ago +1394

    I really want this to succeed for Henry’s sake. He’s such a huge fan of the series that it will crush him if it fails. How Superman was handled was bad enough for him

  • キムかなしい


     1 months ago +1454

    I feel bad for the girls...+ the interviewer is horrible and thirsty ASF

  • ZvzzBzzdy Z119

    ZvzzBzzdy Z119

     1 months ago +883

    “You’re also Superman”
    Henry: Proceeds to die slowly inside

  • Andrew Coddington

    Andrew Coddington

     1 months ago +767

    it's kind of annoying the interviewer beginning the interview stating that this is just to fill in for game of thrones, kind of rude if you ask me

  • Recnid


     1 months ago +981

    I'm so happy Henry got the role. He was already a big Witcher fan so it's just perfect. I bet this was his dream.

  • Quester91


     1 months ago +662

    Henry is super cool as per usual, anya is charismatic and gorgeous, freya is adorable.. but this interviewer is garbage and very unprofessional.

  • Claire Dé Lune

    Claire Dé Lune

     1 months ago +536

    They did great, interviewer is awful, really unprofessional, doesn't have her shit together

  • Awewew The Great

    Awewew The Great

     1 months ago +720

    When Freya talks, the way Henry looks at her is the same as Geralt looking so proudly at Ciri

  • SuperSaiyan3985


     1 months ago +186

    I love Henry Cavill. He deserves this role 100%. Not only is he a great actor, but he has a huge passion for the franchise. Very rarely do you come across an actor who actually indulges in the source material.

  • Tim Tickler

    Tim Tickler

     1 months ago +340

    The interviewer had no idea what she was talking about. Can't even stand to listen to her.

  • Rhun Mahariel

    Rhun Mahariel

     1 months ago +232

    I kinda feel bad for Freya and Anya, the whole interview seemed to focus more so on Henry, which is understandable, but still.

  • Chadum H

    Chadum H

     1 months ago +281

    She's asking such annoying questions that don't pertain to this cast alone. She seriously asks what it is like to see other people you are auditioning for the same role for. You can't ask anyone else that?

  • Mongzong Her

    Mongzong Her

     1 months ago +203

    Henry Cavill's muscles just want to burst out of that shirt.

  • Sorghum


     1 months ago +158

    interviewer is kinda cringy lol. And should've asked more questons to the ladies , all she cared about was Henry lmao

  • highlanderknight


     1 months ago +96

    Nice of Henry to drop names of those working behind the scenes...

  • Louey Jaballah

    Louey Jaballah

     1 months ago +178

    I wished that the girls have talked more in this video

  • Blanka71040


     1 months ago +94

    That interviewer sucked. She mostly asked Henry about stuff, she was ignoring Anya and Freya all the way through the interview. And when she finally asked Anya, she asked her to compare The Witcher to GOT? Really??? Luckily Freya is a smart person and she said that those two shows shouldn't be compared and to let The Witcher be its own show. She seems like a very intelligent youg woman. I hope to see/hear more from her in the future.
    Don't get me wrong, Henry seems like a likable guy, but he's been objectified too much.

  • iWillWakeYouUp


     1 months ago +113

    The interviewer is annoying. Lady, put downt he coke.

  • ronin


     1 months ago +24

    Cavill: How buff should I get?
    Netflix: Yes