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Hong Kong protests shut down airport

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube“I have to tell my boss I can’t depart,” one traveller says. All flights were cancelled as thousands of protesters massed at the airport, leaving passengers stranded. Read more: sc.mp/y3zsFollow us on:Website: https://scmp.comFacebook: https://facebook.com/scmpTwitter: https://twitter.com/scmpnewsInstagram: https://instagram.com/scmpnewsLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sout...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/0e61yryHTkg


  • L C

    L C

     7 days ago +103

    Dear all foreigners commuting in HKG airport, please do not argue/interfere with protestors, if you do not wish to be enormously affronted or even worse, you may be beaten up. Refer an old man video footage earlier.

  • Teh Chuan

    Teh Chuan

     7 days ago +145

    Next they should shut down their own university

  • Miko Chan

    Miko Chan

     7 days ago +190

    China might have cared back in 1997 when HK contributed 25% of the economy. Today HK is just 2%. Mainland will let them ruin themselves and wait for 2047 or maybe they'll do the purge now anyway. Who's gonna stop them? USA? UK? Don't make me laugh

  • Nigulas Kentaji

    Nigulas Kentaji

     7 days ago +85

    if turned off AC and WiFi, how long can they stay there? hhh

  • Hingle


     7 days ago +54

    This ain’t even a protest anymore lol

  • Feng


     7 days ago +320

    they should shut off a/c and wifi and see if anyone stays

  • こけこっこ


     7 days ago +78

    It would take years for Hong Kong to recover if they're lucky. Foreign companies as well as Hong Kong ones would shift to neighbouring cities on the Pearl River Delta. Everyone knows the situation would only get worse in the years to come leading up to 2047. These youngsters would be the hardest hit for they would be entering the job market with no jobs, businesses would fail, people would be outta work. They're going to regret it believe me! Hong Kong is a service economy and as such stability is of utmost importance.

  • William Young

    William Young

     7 days ago +28

    Cost the least? What are these protestors thinking, disrupting flights in Hong Kong cost the economy millions and people will not want to travel to hong kong.

  • ヒナタ


     7 days ago +121

    Im all for pro-democracy but why block the airport?

  • CosmicLight


     7 days ago +12

    No jobs. No problem. Protesting is a new career.

  • Feng Gao

    Feng Gao

     7 days ago +125

    The Walking Dead!
    ——— HK edition

  • klleeful


     7 days ago +146

    The Chinese Army is definitely smarter then what the demonstrators hope for. They will stay put, sooner or later Hong Kong will implode. They are digging their own graves.

  • Dickson Chee

    Dickson Chee

     7 days ago +44

    What a shame HK ppl

  • Shawn Li

    Shawn Li

     7 days ago +11

    these guys are getting lazy, why march down a hot street when there's AC, washroom for use, clean facilities and food courts in the airport

  • H. P.

    H. P.

     7 days ago +15

    You guys are destroying HK really fast.

  • KJ


     7 days ago +33

    Just turn off the AC done! 😂

  • Abhay Achal

    Abhay Achal

     7 days ago +12

    Go ahead, destroy your own city

  • Thadius Sean

    Thadius Sean

     7 days ago +42

    Setting a cop on fire is not mentioned at all

  • dave choy

    dave choy

     7 days ago +14

    Going for the Busiest Airport 2019 award.

  • curtis chan

    curtis chan

     7 days ago +13

    I was in Seoul at the time when this happened, one tip is to fly to Macau, and go on the Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong bridge back to Hong Kong by car.