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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018
  • #SicarioMovie in theaters June 29th.

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    In SICARIO, Day of the Soldado, the series begins a new chapter. In the drug war, there are no rules – and as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border, federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) calls on the mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro), whose family was murdered by a cartel kingpin, to escalate the war in nefarious ways. Alejandro kidnaps the kingpin’s daughter to inflame the conflict – but when the girl is seen as collateral damage, her fate will come between the two men as they question everything they are fighting for.

    Benicio Del Toro
    Josh Brolin
    Isabela Moner
    Jeffrey Donovan
    Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
    and Catherine Keener
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     a years ago

    He starts to have compassion..... God damnit. I wanted unapologetic cold precision killing. That's what everyone wants. To be as cold as the enemy. Not some assassin that gets compassion because of his daughter. His character was supposed to be cold and callous. He died when his daughter died.

  • paul


     a years ago

    Thanos VS The Collector. Awesome!

  • Michael Westen

    Michael Westen

     a years ago

    Can’t wait!!! Definitely this years # Uno for me

  • x


     a years ago

    Esperó que no tenga tan pocas escenas de acción como la 1 xd

  • Just A Cat

    Just A Cat

     a years ago

    God this movie looks so fucking awesome

  • Luemm3l


     a years ago +1

    one question: I thought he already killed the cartel leader and the family that was responsible for the death of his wife and daughter in sicario 1, so why does alejandro now go after the daughter of another cartel leader and then says it was her father ? a little confused over here...

  • Abe Ndiaye

    Abe Ndiaye

     a years ago +1

    The man who killed the children of a drug lord saves the child of a drug lord. This is not Alejandro. This is Taylor Sheridan struggling to write a sequel script due to pressure from the producers.

  • Englewood Frank21

    Englewood Frank21

     a years ago

    Lame and cliche.

  • funky down

    funky down

     a years ago

    plot twist: brolin will turn on alejandro for refusing to execute her. wonder how accurate my speculation is

  • Jilary Klinton

    Jilary Klinton

     a years ago

    Why do you use sepia effects in every shoot in mexico?

  • T'Challa


     a years ago

    If this movie wasn't trash they wouldn't be pushing it like this.

  • Robert Lange

    Robert Lange

     a years ago +9

    Benicio Del Toro is one of the greatest actors on film.

  • jhon pinina

    jhon pinina

     a years ago

    Sicario? Hè is the big snitch right

  • Monster Gamer

    Monster Gamer

     a years ago

    So Thanos won't use the infinity gauntlet?

  • Chris Nong

    Chris Nong

     a years ago

    Is it still a prequel?

  • happybkwrm


     a years ago +9

    Please... he killed two children in front of their drug dealing father, are we supposed to believe he's gotten soft for this kid?

  • Gamer Wits

    Gamer Wits

     a years ago

    sicario logan

  • Dorsey m

    Dorsey m

     a years ago

    benico..pleaee keep the facial hair.

  • Brian D

    Brian D

     a years ago

    Had huge fun as a SWAT guy breaching a doorway and driving the van. New Mexico locations made for great visuals again. As I recall, they wrapped principal photography in Jan/Feb of 2017. These things take a long time to get seen and many never do.

  • ftl06


     a years ago

    Can’t wait!