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Snow Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 23, 2015
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  • SavingThaWorld


     3 years ago +1527

    Before the video even starts I'm gonna guess Tyler wins

  • Julian Licudi

    Julian Licudi

     4 months ago +206

    anyone from 2019 watching old vids like if yes

  • sajid Chohan

    sajid Chohan

     8 months ago +803

    1= pray for coby

  • Peyton Murphy

    Peyton Murphy

     8 months ago +652

    Team coby like if you agree

  • Qyume Baig

    Qyume Baig

     5 months ago +206

    Thumbs up if you like team coby

  • Mastan Singh

    Mastan Singh

     a years ago +1788


  • ATFootball


     6 months ago +196

    Don’t worry Cob’s you’ll win someday!

  • Sachin Gahrana

    Sachin Gahrana

     4 months ago +133

    Tyler is crazy talented dude.

  • Z3UX Playz

    Z3UX Playz

     21 days ago +45

    1 like=to let cody heal his hand
    1 like=to let coby win games I mean battles

  • Edward Brown

    Edward Brown


    The twins got a solid as form, should go Semi pro w/ hoopin.

  • Speedy Tyler

    Speedy Tyler

     7 months ago +170

    I feel bad for cody😭

  • LeonaPlays Class 1-A

    LeonaPlays Class 1-A

     4 months ago +120

    Will coby ever win a battle?
    Answer:yes at sumo jump battle

  • Yul Hur

    Yul Hur

     14 days ago +13

    When coby gets kids his kids will watch this video and say
    That’s my dad..

  • LionMan436 Africa

    LionMan436 Africa


    Coby will win a battle he already has and he’s won face offs

  • Sicksi


     3 years ago +806

    Q: Will Coby ever win a battle?
    A: We wish... We wish...

  • Kartikey Upadhyay

    Kartikey Upadhyay

     5 months ago +71

    Don't worry Coby one day you will surely win......
    I have faith in you

  • Lucas and The boys

    Lucas and The boys

     21 days ago +7

    One like =one prayer for Cody
    👇 edit thx for 4 likes that’s the most I’ve ever had

  • EliasFish858


     1 months ago +18

    I like Ty but I’m TIRED of him winning
    Like if agree

  • Kylie Bates

    Kylie Bates

     4 days ago

    Team coby all the way you got this man I believe in you

  • Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller

     3 years ago +273

    I haven't watched the vid yet, but I'm gunna guess Ty won