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Women's Individual All-Around Final - Artistic Gymnastics | Rio 2016 Replay

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 21, 2016
  • USA's Simone Biles and Alexandra Raisman take gold and silver, respectively, in Women's Individual All-Around in Rio 2016.Watch the full session here: http://bit.do/Rio2016-IndAllAroundWomenSubscribe to the official Olympic channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end: https://www.olympicchannel.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1OmSm1S1z60


  • Blair Andrews

    Blair Andrews

     2 years ago +2423

    They should've just gave Simone a platinum or diamond medal upon arrival and let everyone else compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze

  • Aurora


     2 years ago +3668

    I'm so proud of Simone and I'm not even American

  • RJ Realubin

    RJ Realubin

     2 years ago +1487

    That Russian gymnast is like every antagonist ever in all gymnastic/cheer theme movies. Love her

  • Aleks K

    Aleks K

     2 years ago +2151

    You knew she was RUSSIAN by her Death Look Eyes!

  • misina211


     2 years ago +1120

    Simone is on such a higher level than anyone else, anything but gold in the all-around would have been a monumental upset. She's as clutch as it gets, on the same level as Usain Bolt and Katie Ledecky are in their sports. They show up, they win gold, and the actual competition is really just an exhibition of their superiority. Never a question of who is going to win, but rather how much is Simone, or Bolt, or Ledecky, going to win by. Appreciate being a witness to these athletes at their best, because nobody before them has ever been this good.

  • andreste 1589

    andreste 1589

     2 years ago +1259

    Simone Biles is the walking, tumbling, flipping, and twisting proof that the best things come in small packages.

  • nikki c

    nikki c

     2 years ago +2031

    I just want to be the person that hands out the medals. Then i'm out.

  • MyWayne1993


     2 years ago +1432

    it is such a pleasure watching Simone Biles doing her floor exercise routine

  • yasemin özdemir

    yasemin özdemir

     2 years ago +680

    who else just struggles with a cartwheel ?

  • Daniela Trindade

    Daniela Trindade

     2 years ago +691

    When you're not even American but you can't help but root for Simone and the girls.

  • Sco2b


     2 years ago +866

    I still cant see how people dont think simone is artistic or graceful. Noone floats in the air like she does, and she dances pretty well in her routines with lots of emotions.

  • Kristopher Jayson Bondoc

    Kristopher Jayson Bondoc

     2 years ago +1143

    Aliya Mustafina's bars - WOW. No words.

  • SimmonsGranger


     2 years ago +1283

    I'm so happy for Aly. Glad her comeback was successful. Also Simone is just amazing!

  • SParkApCider


     2 years ago +593

    Imagine if Simone missed Rio, Aly would be the AA champ and b2b floor champ.  Great competitors.  Simone is special.  But there is truly something otherworldly when a competitor improves from one Olympics to the next (18-22).  Aly is a remarkable athlete, an unsung hero.

  • ohaitherehello1


     2 years ago +480

    Raise your hand if you cried when Aly cried.

  • Sylvia Gitau

    Sylvia Gitau

     2 years ago +934

    Biles by miles I like that.

  • R. McDuffie

    R. McDuffie

     2 years ago +240

    Simone biles is LEGEND

  • Henry Tun

    Henry Tun

     2 years ago +369

    USA has strong medalists.. I love all of their presentation,, Simone Biles' floor exercise is superb.. great delivery and excellent competition.. Well done,, Simone and team USA for your best presentation to the world. Lovely.

  • sirdeadlock


     2 years ago +103

    In the midst of movies and computer graphics, it's hard to recognize from an untrained eye that these are some of the most capable artists of human physical movement willing to share a sampling of their skills with a global audience.
    Every move they are doing is intensely difficult, and they do them one after the other.
    They are strong. They are agile. They are testing the limits what a human body can do against terrestrial gravity.

  • Nambuya Winfrey

    Nambuya Winfrey

     2 years ago +293

    I love Simone for fighting spirit and her smile, that means she enjoys her sport