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Women's Individual All-Around Final - Artistic Gymnastics | Rio 2016 Replay

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 21, 2016
  • USA's Simone Biles and Alexandra Raisman take gold and silver, respectively, in Women's Individual All-Around in Rio 2016.

    Watch the full session here: http://bit.do/Rio2016-IndAllAroundWomen

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/1OmSm1S1z60


  • SweetTooth



    Biles beam was so satisfying

  • Luis Florez

    Luis Florez

     2 days ago

    that russian girl is amazing too.

  • Mylesa Stinnette

    Mylesa Stinnette

     2 days ago

    I read that Russia was banned from the Olympics in 2020 because of doping. I Hope this doesn’t affect all of the sports. I think it’s unfair to these young gymnasts. I am American.

  • Michelle Aimée Mapelli

    Michelle Aimée Mapelli

     5 days ago +1

    Simone biles and Alexandra Raisman are in my heart 💓

  • David Windsor

    David Windsor

     7 days ago

    Ban this cheating midget.

  • mahailanie


     7 days ago

    I can’t wait for 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!! I sure am going to miss seeing Aly Raisman compete. She is one gymnast I love watching.

  • Gorgiz Trini

    Gorgiz Trini

     14 days ago

    Aly Raisman is gorgeous

  • Isabel Jaimes

    Isabel Jaimes

     14 days ago


  • Emily Sikora

    Emily Sikora

     14 days ago

    Can someone explain to me why Simone was better? Is it that she just gets higher or does more flips? They all look the same to me 😬

  • Eleonore Bon

    Eleonore Bon

     14 days ago

    How come some girls, like Simone, don’t have someone standing there to catch her in case of a fall? Mustafina does have a coach near the routine. On the uneven bars.

  • Donny Hathaway

    Donny Hathaway

     14 days ago +2

    What's terrifying is as good as this is (it's amazing!!!!), Simone today would easily beat this Simone lol. She's continued to improve so much - can't wait for 2020!

  • cesar Tokotoko

    cesar Tokotoko

     21 days ago

    Aliya te amo con toda mi alma

  • vinc dagd

    vinc dagd

     21 days ago

    catalina—los angeles island; Avalon”! of rou

  • Shannon Cain

    Shannon Cain

     28 days ago

    for people have technical knowledge about bars: have they changed the scoring on bars because simone got 14.966 whereas in 2008, Nastia almost got a 17 and the other girls were all 15s and a few 16s

  • Liz Marquez

    Liz Marquez

     a months ago +2

    Everything she has been through in her life. Her winning gold made everything worth it.



     a months ago

    The announcers sound dead

  • Oscar Hernandez

    Oscar Hernandez

     a months ago

    The Russian gymnastic reminds immensely of someone from my school.

  • Ariana Zona

    Ariana Zona

     a months ago +3

    My mom once told me that she always wanted to do gymnastics when she was younger, but her parent didn’t wanted because it was a “dirty” sport and the girls dressed in a inappropriate way.

    This is not dirty, this is beautiful and talented.

  • Willian Fontenele Gomes

    Willian Fontenele Gomes

     a months ago

    The Olympics were in Brazil, I think that in respect to the country should have shown Rebecah Andrade in the video. The world does not revolve around the USA.

  • i am mary

    i am mary

     a months ago +1

    Aliya is better the aly raisman :/ but simone is the best of the best