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Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music ★68

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 3, 2016
  • Relaxing sleep music for deep sleeping and stress relief. Fall asleep to beautiful nature videos and use the relaxing music ("Flying" by Peder B. Helland) as sleeping music, soothing meditation music, relaxation music, study music and more. Listen to more:
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    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. All your warm support really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!

    ~Peder B. Helland

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  • Soothing Relaxation

    Soothing Relaxation

     a months ago +700

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for listening to my music! From where in the world are you watching? 🌍
    I have just published a new track, called "The Hidden Valley". You can listen to that here:
    Visit my website for downloads, sheet music and licensing:

  • Adamillo Facts

    Adamillo Facts

     35 minutes ago

    give a like if you watched the whole thing

  • Maddee


     54 minutes ago +1

    Why is everyone talking about emotional stuff I’m here to sleep

  • G Amano

    G Amano

     59 minutes ago

    What does it mean when i feel floating/like being on water, relaxed feeling, and seeing purple colors and blue, almost like a tunnel you see in science fiction movies

  • thatguy youkno

    thatguy youkno

     an hour ago

    I woke up in the middle of the night to feel my phone overheating because I slept on it while listening to this >. <

  • ÙwÚ mangel1236animations buster :3

    ÙwÚ mangel1236animations buster :3

     2 hours ago


  • Idalid H

    Idalid H

     3 hours ago


  • Elvira Rodriguez

    Elvira Rodriguez

     3 hours ago

    I love a lot tris beitufull music

  • Xxwolfy Shadowxx

    Xxwolfy Shadowxx

     3 hours ago

    This makes me wanna float up yo heaven uwu

  • Renilton Nascimento

    Renilton Nascimento

     5 hours ago


  • Charlie King

    Charlie King

     5 hours ago

    All you guys commenting here are beautiful. Such warm hearts. That includes you reading this my friend. Smile. Relax. Keep a tight grip on the beautiful things in life, and let go of the pain. Love to you all 💜

  • John David

    John David

     5 hours ago

    Nice! Happy Happy! Joy! Joy!

  • Ali Fouad

    Ali Fouad

     6 hours ago

    You are all such a pure souls 😍
    I am no one at all
    But if there was anything i can do to help you i would give you my life
    I love you
    Yes this is for you🌹

  • chantelle hallam

    chantelle hallam

     7 hours ago

    I always come to this comment section for a pick me up. You are all absolutely beautiful people. Inside and out.
    I hope you all have a wonderful sleep.
    I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and loving life ❤
    If you ever want a chat or a new friend, add me on facebook 🥰
    Chantelle Alexandra

  • Harry


     8 hours ago +2

    Hi. I have never met you, we probably never meet. But you’ve found my comment, among all these thousands.

    If you are seeing this comment then take this as your sign that things will get better, that things will be alright, that you can get through this.
    Whatever troubles are bring you here, or if you’re simply here for the sake of relaxing, remember that you are important, you are valid and that you have a right to be here.
    You are braver and stronger than you think. You’re still here, trying to make things better and to live a better life.
    So whatever is keeping you up at night, it is not stronger than you. You can get through this.
    I don’t know you, you can dismiss this as the meaningless words of a stranger, or you can believe me.

    Whatever you chose, I believe in you.

    Sweet dreams.

  • Mirella Eden

    Mirella Eden

     8 hours ago

    Sweet dreams & remember you are here in lovin' arms ♡

  • Yøung Châppâ

    Yøung Châppâ

     8 hours ago

    We don't know each other here . Maybe some of you come from different places we are from different countries.. different race but now we are together to find peace.. let's pray together no more war in this world we have the same blood but different skins

  • Oli Gaming

    Oli Gaming

     8 hours ago

    It’s very buitifoul Music :D

  • Jamie-Lee Nicol

    Jamie-Lee Nicol

     9 hours ago

    you are beautiful you are hardworking person never give in life you are loved by a lot of people stay strong dont cut your self ok night x

  • Marlee Nowik

    Marlee Nowik

     10 hours ago

    All these nice comments😥😥☺😥😥😥