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Killer Bean Is An Animated Masterpiece

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • This is the greatest bean animation of All Time
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  • Piddy


     2 hours ago

    Meanwhile in John Wick's salad

  • Chobane


     5 hours ago

    this was one of my favorite movies as a kid

  • Logan Armijo

    Logan Armijo

     6 hours ago

    I thought this was a Billie Jean parody

  • Egg Boy

    Egg Boy

     7 hours ago +1

    Is killer bean on the moist meter

  • Gamer


     10 hours ago

    John wick who?

  • Metadiscorse __

    Metadiscorse __

     14 hours ago

    Apparently this dude did visual effects for X-MEN, The Matrix Reloaded, Tron Legacy, and Transformers: Dark of The Moon.

  • Irfan Anwar

    Irfan Anwar

     14 hours ago

    My favourite Kpop band is the Killer Bean. They groovin' real shit.

  • E_man 2005

    E_man 2005


    john wicks nuts
    The movie

  • Crusader Joe

    Crusader Joe


    My brother just said you look like if sith the sloth worked at GameStop

  • AudioGardenSlave



    The Dark Tower movie stole that bullet shot with bullet deflection move.

  • Loayerer Loayerer

    Loayerer Loayerer


    And your fucking stealing moon now

    The subtitles said that weird

  • Loayerer Loayerer

    Loayerer Loayerer


    He skipped most parts and voice

    Watch the original than u feel true experience

  • GrassHairAnimations



    this is a mobile game

  • Akira Kush

    Akira Kush


    Their movement is actually insanely realistic

  • Raymond Griffin

    Raymond Griffin


    I thought this was going to be a mr bean movie, but I was pleasantly surprised

  • Cairo Loy

    Cairo Loy


    Killer Bean was the movie that made Charlie second guess his own jokes.

  • Ferbooper


     2 days ago

    this guy should direct the next John Wick

  • George19906


     2 days ago

    En este perfil hablamos español

  • Comrad


     2 days ago

    This was attucally full body motion capture when Jeff was out doing one of his jobs

  • John Kallabat

    John Kallabat

     2 days ago

    Theres a mobile game of the killer bean movie