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Killer Bean Is An Animated Masterpiece

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • This is the greatest bean animation of All Time
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  • Lord Xam

    Lord Xam

     1 months ago +1234

    “Who made this Pixar?”
    Come on man Pixar isn’t that good

  • Skee Yee

    Skee Yee

     2 months ago +4159

    Imagine a notorious killer just named “Killer Human”

  • Dominic Bullock

    Dominic Bullock

     1 months ago +1499

    Girls locker room: I hate PE, chad is so hot
    Boys locker room: 0:40

  • manden birgit #umomgay

    manden birgit #umomgay

     2 months ago +2670

    There should be a New killerbean movie called: kill or bean killed

  • Lucas R

    Lucas R

     2 months ago +5139

    Everybody gangsta till the beans start walkin'

  • GS_01-03


     2 months ago +961

    I started this expecting garbage, and left finding a masterpiece.

  • RussianAlligator


     2 months ago +2672

    "Boss we've been atacked i think it's Killer Bean"
    "How do you know?"
    "Well he's killing BEANS"

  • lolo fotnite

    lolo fotnite

     2 months ago +349

    Are we gonna glance over the fact that Killer Bean killed 50 people at a nightclub because the music was to loud?

  • Rapture


     1 months ago +289

    John wick 4 producers say they can’t finish the movie because it’s already bean made

  • wikuss


     2 months ago +1044

    We need a Netflix original series for Killer Bean, right here, right now.

  • bakojj_ lol

    bakojj_ lol

     2 months ago +451

    John Wick Vs. Killer Bean: The Movie

  • gary buttville

    gary buttville

     2 months ago +317

    i love how charlies respect for killer bean rose konstantly during the whole film

  • Pyro King Gaming

    Pyro King Gaming

     1 months ago +127

    John wick: it all started because of a puppy
    Killer bean: it all started because of the volume

  • Claylex


     2 months ago +1831

    1:21 “Not to be racist, but all these beans look the same"
    Ladies and gentlemen, we got em



     2 months ago +342

    The pistols sound like every gun in GTA San Andres



     1 months ago +291

    1:52 : ( "saying who made this pixar?")the funny thing is actually he created this animation in 2009 and he uploaded in 2018....appreciate this dudes work a lot

  • Jaxon Seargent

    Jaxon Seargent

     2 months ago +129

    this literally has better and more clever fight scenes then actual movies, props to jeff



     2 months ago +183

    throws grenade a person
    Voice: Thank you.

  • CrapZackGames


     2 months ago +12519

    "It's like unironically cool." Something everyone can agree on. This choreography is unreal, and to think a single person did all this.

  • Weegee Squeegee

    Weegee Squeegee

     1 months ago +61

    "Oooh baby, this guy got some cool weapon skins. His mom must have given him the credit card for some loot crates."