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My CAT Decides What I Play on ROBLOX!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 7, 2019
  • TODAY My cat decides what roblox game I play..



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    Sketch or Sk3tch or Sk3tchYT or Skek or Skup is mostly a gaming channel. you'll find videos about admin commands, roblox hackers, highlights & funny moments, roblox avatars & characters, roblox trolling & pranks, mad city, Cursed Minecraft, glitches, random stuff and possibly some in real life videos every so often

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  • NaThAnIeL dUde

    NaThAnIeL dUde

     43 minutes ago

    When the cat farted it made me laugh

  • Jayce Honeycutt

    Jayce Honeycutt

     an hour ago

    its hailous how Denis dosnt have a cat but loves em and Elija (sorry if i spelled that wrong) does

  • Jodi Jones Brohard

    Jodi Jones Brohard

     an hour ago

    Weres Frank

  • Wijesiri Gunasekara

    Wijesiri Gunasekara

     5 hours ago

    Guys I'm a YouTuber .

  • Wijesiri Gunasekara

    Wijesiri Gunasekara

     5 hours ago

    Z...This is my first time watching sketch

  • Kay Denton

    Kay Denton

     7 hours ago

    Give ur cat to Denis!

  • patti McIntosh

    patti McIntosh

     19 hours ago

    0:20 OK

  • Mj Thomas

    Mj Thomas

     yesterday +1

    I watch you everyday sketch! Also this is not what I look like. That was me a few years ago

  • Random Chish

    Random Chish


    What happens to the facecam

  • Zachary Prather

    Zachary Prather


    9:37 Rudy's about to fart

  • Aaltzen Kuipers

    Aaltzen Kuipers


    Anyone here wondering why Rudy is choosing the worst games

  • Aaltzen Kuipers

    Aaltzen Kuipers


    This may sound weird: if i play Arsenal on iPad im killing it but if im on my computer i just suck at it

  • bmceka 2705

    bmceka 2705



  • Rushi Chan

    Rushi Chan

     2 days ago

    I cant stop laughing... IVE REPLAYED THIS PART: 0:20 ABOUT TEN TIMES ALREADY HAH. you just shoved your face into the microphone

  • Ellany Fernandez

    Ellany Fernandez

     2 days ago

    Y'all got ribbons on Field day? All we got was teachers yelling at us for not doing the right activities.

  • Scp containment Cantament

    Scp containment Cantament

     2 days ago

    Don’t feel bad skech its not only you on tower of heck

  • Lily Gacha Studio

    Lily Gacha Studio

     3 days ago

    Sk3tch: it was just what I was feelin.
    Also sk3tch: *smushes lips into microphone* (0:21)

  • kylie peck

    kylie peck

     3 days ago

    Rudy: Hm... Let's play... Murder Mystery. ~ Goes in. ~
    Also Rudy: Peekaboo, Sketch :3
    Sketch: ~ Laughs ~
    ( Sorry if I spelt her name wrong! <3 )

  • Damianator HD Damianator HD

    Damianator HD Damianator HD

     3 days ago


  • Lucynda Berkey

    Lucynda Berkey

     4 days ago

    You have a cat?!

    EEEEEEK!!!! I LOVE THOSE FRIKIN CATS!!! THEY ARE SO KUTE!!! (I used bad grammer for the cat!)