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Infamous cage crashers: WWE Top 10

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 29, 2017
  • A cage wrapping around the ring is supposed to keep the combatants enclosed, but the unforgiving structures don't always prevent additional Superstars from entering the fray. Here are the 10 most infamous instances of match crashers infiltrating an edifice such as Hell in a Cell or the Punjabi Prison.
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  • Cristian Sánchez

    Cristian Sánchez



  • J Vishnu

    J Vishnu

     4 days ago

    WWE is fake I know that

  • Vishnu Kumar Reddy

    Vishnu Kumar Reddy

     4 days ago

    Very nice actors in WWE, acting like they are fighting

  • Ar Orakzai

    Ar Orakzai

     7 days ago +1

    In all these top 10 cage crushers I like shane McMahon and stone cold cage crushes the most😍

  • Nicolas Quevedo

    Nicolas Quevedo

     14 days ago

    Bueno esto se ve en la tv pero bueno si hasi quieren 🦍

  • Uttam Rajbanshi

    Uttam Rajbanshi

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  • squibby


     14 days ago

    Triple H vs UnderTaker at WM with HBK as ref was a WM moment

  • Michel Zimmermann

    Michel Zimmermann

     14 days ago

    4:21 That's gotta be Kane 😃

  • Plushka Plushov

    Plushka Plushov

     14 days ago

    you know you're brutal and super badass if attack someone at no DQ match, and the referee stops the match by disqualification.

  • Surya Putra

    Surya Putra

     14 days ago

    event settings ....

  • Renuka Moga

    Renuka Moga

     14 days ago


  • Debasish Mishra

    Debasish Mishra

     14 days ago

    The great khali oh yes

  • World news old

    World news old

     21 days ago


  • Neil Brown

    Neil Brown

     21 days ago


  • العراقي بكر لايت

    العراقي بكر لايت

     21 days ago

    انا عربيه ما تعرف انكليزي

  • منوعات امين هلال

    منوعات امين هلال

     21 days ago

    ماكو عربي منا منا!

  • bret michael

    bret michael

     1 months ago

    What about brock lesnar???

  • Nena Nena

    Nena Nena

     1 months ago

    I love randy orton like if randy is you fadorit

  • Arturo jr Contreras

    Arturo jr Contreras

     1 months ago

    You can’t do

  • Harjot Kaur

    Harjot Kaur

     1 months ago

    Where is brock lesnar's cage crash when he destroys roman and strowman?