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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
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  • Lauren Jordy

    Lauren Jordy

     a years ago +4126

    The whole time I was watching, I thought it was just one person and not two. I didn't even question the bangs!

  • I'm awkward

    I'm awkward

     a years ago +2520

    this was really helpful and when you said ''who doesn't wanna look tall'',my 6ft ass felt a little better

  • jue


     a years ago +2641

    there's not a day when i don't tuck in my shirt and i don't own a pair of pants that aren't high waisted :DD

  • Hana Lee

    Hana Lee

     a years ago +3551

    accessorizing is something I’ve been doing lately and omg it makes a huge diff!! Hehe ❤️

  • willy wonka

    willy wonka

     a years ago +2118

    My strapless bra unfortunately is always slipping off :( I definitely need a new one

  • Angela Marie

    Angela Marie

     a years ago +931

    i really enjoy the way that this was filmed! very chill

  • glamshadow5


     11 months ago +720

    Was it just myself who didn't find this helpful at all? Like, I appreciate your intentions but all that's been said is kind of basic knowledge (?

  • Ai Quyen

    Ai Quyen

     a years ago +1327

    I actually think 2:46 looks kinda cool lol

  • crystal


     a years ago +358

    this is my first time on this channel. I didn't see the channel profile pic until just now. 4 minutes and 43 seconds in, I realize y'all are 2 girls and not the same one switching between clips where you have hair extensions in or out. don't look at me
    to be fair, I'm leaving this on as I'm getting ready lol jfc

  • StarBaby910


     a years ago +905

    I do the bra strap tuck thing lol this was really helpful!

  • Junella Madarang

    Junella Madarang

     a years ago +331

    I'm ashamed to admit that I did that whole tucking the straps thing once.... Love how this is so straight to the point. All the tips are helpful as well

  • Fairoa


     a years ago +181

    The way the pants looked like @ 4:38 actually looked pretty cool. I guess it’s all in preference and style.

  • The Silver Rivers

    The Silver Rivers

     a years ago +106

    that black buttoned dress is SO PRETTY!! (where is it from? 😱)

  • WalkingAlongLive


     a years ago +200

    The neck thing doesn't work when your waist and your hips have a significant difference in measurement. I have heard the tip a lot but it's really not how bodies work...

  • Diana S

    Diana S

     a years ago +87

    The neck method really makes no sense, and that's why: people who are pear shaped are usually skinny in the upper body and thicker in the bottom. I am pear shaped and just any trousers would fit around my neck, but most of them would definitely be extremely tight and uncomfortable on my bottom and hips.
    Same for people who are "apple shaped", bigger sized would fit around their neck, but they would need a size less for their bottom as apple shaped people tend to be thicker on the upper body and have slimmer legs.
    And this is not about fat or size, but about proportion. Body shape is determined by genes and skeleton, you can't change that with diet. A pear girl would always remain thicker at the bottom and slimmer at the top, even if she weighted 90 or 190. Same situation for apple shaped people.
    This method could only be useful to extremely proportioned hourglass body.
    Ps: all the other tips were really cool, so good job for the video! I just think you should take notice that people have different body proportions.

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    Melissa Rodriguez

     a years ago +197

    I wish I could get styled by you two, I love your styles ❤

  • Alexa Sunshine83

    Alexa Sunshine83

     a years ago +443

    love how you edited this!

  • aya mouakkil

    aya mouakkil

     a years ago +68

    could you try to make a video for all your muslim/modest dressing fans??

  • Stardust


     a years ago +53

    2:46 billie eilish turns looks though

  • Kayla Sunny

    Kayla Sunny

     11 months ago +80

    Soo, who's gonna find me a strapless bra cup size G?