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PC Smaller than an SSD

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
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  • Jaydee Howard

    Jaydee Howard

     59 minutes ago

    If nothing else you can keep your tea warm while you watch YouTube

  • CDDogg Games

    CDDogg Games

     23 hours ago

    Smart phones: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Connor Moroney

    Connor Moroney


    As a former POS engineer, i can tell you that no one in their right mind would use that as a POS device, not when you can buy an i3 computer for a little bit more that will be much more reliable and stable. POS systems typically need to be up 24/7 you cant have a device that will overheat and thermal throttle, Retail workers are notoriously impatient when it comes to computer systems and expect them to just work. This would not be a viable system for them. I do agree with the retail signage usage case though. that would be a case where you dont need 100% reliability

  • Citroen Games

    Citroen Games


    Phhh rasp pi unsolder connection router to the outside and you got a small pc too

  • Chase Banday

    Chase Banday

     3 days ago

    Why you gotta do the Acer nitro 5 like that...

  • Cake


     6 days ago

    Put a fan on it it should run better

  • Kaio Sobreira

    Kaio Sobreira

     6 days ago

    i see that you got undertale on there. You're a man of culture

  • Maks Kurtov

    Maks Kurtov

     6 days ago

    when scrolling is bad Ooof

  • Maks Kurtov

    Maks Kurtov

     6 days ago

    raspberry pi : why you no use meh

  • Smaccaroni


     7 days ago

    In the future, there will be mini pcs that look like the big ones and even have rgb

  • danaya eckert

    danaya eckert

     7 days ago

    They should have used the flydigi wasp wing fan

  • Pranav Kirdat

    Pranav Kirdat

     7 days ago

    Just use that pc with 720p resolution... Bruh instead of that big ass display...🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Anderson

    Thomas Anderson

     7 days ago

    Did He say dongle enough



     7 days ago

    What desk is that Linus is using

  • Robbie Playz

    Robbie Playz

     7 days ago

    'even t h e y' linus

  • RoffelXDHDLP


     7 days ago

    put a real watercooler on it and overckock it

  • Wizzard


     7 days ago

    What if he dropped the laptop.

  • Rados Marovic

    Rados Marovic

     7 days ago

    4:22 LTTea

  • Ruben Quelcutti

    Ruben Quelcutti

     7 days ago

    buys a small pc
    adds an external gpu,ram and cpu and hooks it up to a 150tb server

  • Sup Flake

    Sup Flake

     14 days ago

    4/32? Sounds like a 3 years old phone😂😂