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The Glamorous Life of a Pro Gamer

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • At age 20, professional gamer Michael Schmale had it all: a steady salary, a team mansion overlooking Hollywood and a chef, personal trainer, coach and team manager who were all there to help him play at his best. But the job came with plenty of uncertainties too. This is the first episode of "Next Jobs", a new series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito.

    Video by David Nicholson and Victoria Blackburne-Daniell


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     4 hours ago

    I've been playing since the 90's and still playing so am I a veteran and what's the dental and vision benefits?

  • chip chipperson

    chip chipperson

     3 days ago

    lmfao COD...

  • Raven Shaw

    Raven Shaw

     7 days ago

    They use controller ?

  • Only Finity

    Only Finity

     7 days ago

    Why am I just now hearing about this

  • Chris Fugnitti

    Chris Fugnitti

     7 days ago

    who else got clickbaited by the clout/faze house

  • Taran-the- God

    Taran-the- God

     7 days ago +1

    There’s a vape

  • The Paintsmoker

    The Paintsmoker

     7 days ago

    What the fuck is this game?! Must be a little esport scene😂

  • Kaban


     14 days ago +1

    I swear that was the faze house lmaooo



     14 days ago

    Gamers aren’t athletes anyone that says otherwise is mentally challenged

  • Direct Dirt Productions

    Direct Dirt Productions

     14 days ago

    These are some very, VERY sad people

  • MadMan


     21 days ago

    The problem is you are replaced s fingersnip

  • Ruvim


     21 days ago +1

    Lmaoooo 10 push-ups and you can’t even do them right? Gtfo

  • immortal


     21 days ago

    U call those pushups?

  • Izeyada


     21 days ago

    Hey im a pro gamer, instantly grabs controller ight ima head out

  • Unsalted Santa

    Unsalted Santa

     21 days ago

    Oh it’s the faz-
    Who the fuck are these people?

  • Hayden Dykstra

    Hayden Dykstra

     28 days ago +13

    Why are they using the clout house.

  • Cosmic Bladex

    Cosmic Bladex

     28 days ago

    my mom and i watched this vid and now he started to support me in my dream carrer❤️

  • yeshayahu leff

    yeshayahu leff

     28 days ago

    This is rediculous

  • imharvol


     28 days ago


  • jerin josey

    jerin josey

     1 months ago

    Works out daily for 1.5 hrs... Needs instructions to do 10 pushups.