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Lost & Found | Oscar Shortlisted Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • Lost & Found is a stop motion short film that tugs at the heartstrings. A knitted toy dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life.SUBMIT A FILM: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/submit/FULL REVIEW: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/2018/1..."This wedding of raw craft and storytelling is quite mature here. Generously funded by Screen Australia, we’re used to stop-motion being a contained craft, executed with models in small spaces, but this film is on a different scale entirely. The character animation is incorporated into a life-size sushi restaurant set that was built from scratch, and this decision pays off in the impressive camera direction that results—the production is able to go wide and really play with perspective and depth of field in a way that is rare for the form." - Curator Jason Sondhihttps://www.lostandfound.filmhttps://www.instagram.com/lostandfoun...7mins / Australia / 2018Behind the scenes: vimeo.com/256204562DIRECTED BYAndrew Goldsmith& Bradley SlabePRODUCED BYLucy J. HayesWRITTEN BYBradley SlabeDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY& MOTION CONTROLGerald ThompsonANIMATIONSamuel LewisPRODUCTION DESIGNERRennie WatsonFILM EDITORSAndrew GoldsmithJohn GavinVFX CREATIVE DIRECTORAndrew GoldsmithSUPERVISING SOUND DESIGNERRyan GrangerMUSIC BYAdrian Sergovichwith Jonathan DreyfusSET DRESSERSSophie Hayward, Laura CurtisPROPS MAKERSSamuel Lewis, Laura Curtis, Donna YeatmanSET BUILDERSophie HaywardSCENIC ARTISTSAimee Francis, Xin liART ASSISTANTSRaphael Fantl, Nicholas Issel, Nathan Reardon,Michael Greaney, Eve GilbertCULTURAL ADVISORKei ShiokawaCHARACTER DESIGNER & SCULPTORSamuel LewisCHARACTER ARMATURISTScott EbdonCHARACTER CROCHET ARTISTJulie RamsdenVFX ASSOCIATE PRODUCERHaley PolacikVFX SUPERVISOR & PIPELINE DIRECTORDave AbbottCOMPOSITORSAndrew Goldsmith, Dave Abbott, Brent Cataldo,John Gavin, Andrew Montague, Toby Angwin,Damien Dunne, Scarlette Baccini, Trace VFXROTOSCOPE ARTISTDouglas E PopeCOLOURISTEdel RaffertyPOSTER PHOTOGRAPHYPatrick MoranEND TITLES DESIGNERRebecca MooreSOUND MIXDead On SoundSOUND DESIGNERSRyan Granger, Adam HuntASSISTANT SOUND DESIGNERSShane Jarvie-Kohn, Talia RasoVOICE OF THE FOXMaria AngelicoVOICE OF THE DINOSAURMarc GallagherSOUND HELP FROMJoel Taylor and The Black LodgeWOODWINDSStuart ByrneBRASSCity of Prague PhilharmonicSTRINGSJonathan DreyfusHARPGenevieve LangPIANOAdrian SergovitchSCORE ENGINEERSJezz Giddings, Damian Enemark, Jan HolzneSCORE MIXED BYJonathan DreyfusSCORE RECORDING HELP FROMCraig Harnath for Hothouse AudioJames Fitzpatrick for Tadlow MusicLaura Bishop for Jigsaw MusicSong ZuLEGALShaun MillerSPECIAL THANKSRaphael Fantl, Tom Fantl, Dave Abbott,Haley Polacik, John Gavin, Patrick Moran,Samuel Lewis, Gerald Thompson, Justin Donoghue,Nerida Moore, Louise Gough, Nell Greenwood,John Tummino, Darryl Slabe, Matisse Fantl,Sophie McPikeReproduced on this channel with the permission of the filmmakers.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/35i4zTky9pI


  • Alicia Mesa

    Alicia Mesa

     5 months ago +5203


  • J. Rizzo

    J. Rizzo

     21 days ago +1703

    These guys were able to make a more emotionally impactful story In 7 minutes with no dialogue, than many studios can do in a feature film.

  • Tim Mason

    Tim Mason

     5 months ago +691

    I know it's an animated stuffed dinosaur but the image of the dinosaur literally tearing himself apart is kindof horrific

  • kelia mcmichael

    kelia mcmichael

     14 days ago +268

    Unravel yourself for someone that will put you back together. ♥️

  • Nygmobblepot


     1 months ago +675

    Cause I needed to start crying on the bus. Why not.

  • NinjaMaster909


     5 months ago +2494

    I came here thinking this was going to be a nice happy animation. How dare you play with my heart like this.

  • Rhilo Mero

    Rhilo Mero

     3 months ago +799

    No matter how long it takes..she will complete him🤣

  • Happy Derpina

    Happy Derpina

     21 days ago +591

    Friend: why are you crying?
    Friend: ...slowly walking away..

  • Mireille Rhodes

    Mireille Rhodes

     21 days ago +169

    I was not expecting to cry when I clicked the adorable thumbnail.

  • Pillu 24

    Pillu 24

     21 days ago +137

    But she will fix him! She looks Very determined!💕💕

  • Clay Da kid

    Clay Da kid

     14 days ago +31

    Me: They’re just toys. (wipes tears)

  • Awesome Kim

    Awesome Kim

     3 months ago +88

    😭😭😭Please make a second episode and that vid they live happily ever after,Please make second part.....

  • BS


     14 days ago +39

    GIRL What you doing standing at the edge of the water like that when you know you just a ball of fluff?!

  • Walter Cruz

    Walter Cruz

     7 days ago +19

    1 like = the fox is 1 step closer to finishing the dino

  • anson hung

    anson hung

     7 months ago +4566

    I need a second episode to heal the crack in my heart please...

  • Captain Marvel's Son

    Captain Marvel's Son

     4 months ago +23

    I just fell in love with two balls of yarn.
    Simply beautiful.



     14 days ago +33

    This absolutely amazing. Such a dense story such short amount of time.

  • Mary Riley

    Mary Riley

     21 days ago +77

    This was very Japanese: Selflessness, loyalty, honor, and last but not least, perseverance. What a sweet story. I loved it.

  • DJ Dedf1sh

    DJ Dedf1sh

     4 months ago +21

    My teacher made us suffer by making us watch this and we all cried so hard😭😭😭

  • Esteban Tia

    Esteban Tia

     14 days ago +30

    Wow.... so much hidden talent in this world!!... Thank you!