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A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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  • Sienna Santer

    Sienna Santer

     4 months ago +6058

    AHHH IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! thank you all SO so much for being so patient with this video. I'm super proud of it, and I hope it shows you guys a little more about my life and what a typical day here at Harvard looks like! leave comments down below and I'll try to reply to every single one. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST SUBSCRIBERS EVER <3
    p.s. spam the comments with purple hearts if you're an Army too!! 💜

  • sobordinates


     2 hours ago

    bruh i always thought you would have to work your butt off to get into one of these universities and THEN study EVEN HARDER to become successful. but you guys are just chilling with TWO classes and drinking starbucks all day.

    AND u have the time to EAT BREAKFAST [at the most BUY]. smh

  • Gamaray91


     2 hours ago

    U forgot the crippling debt :)

  • Emerson Meara

    Emerson Meara

     4 hours ago +1

    ik everyone at harvard hates her

  • Hampe EU

    Hampe EU

     5 hours ago


  • heidi trimm

    heidi trimm

     5 hours ago

    what was ur gpa

  • Alfred Chuks Gogo

    Alfred Chuks Gogo

     6 hours ago

    Make more of this videos. Love Harvard

  • Daydreaming Angel

    Daydreaming Angel

     7 hours ago

    Wow If I get to here kpop songs in a class that would be heaven

  • 최병재


     8 hours ago

    우연히 아메리칸 브이로거 검색해서 들어왔는데 한글쓰는거 보고 소름돋았네...

  • Ghost.Grizzly


     8 hours ago

    This girl is watches KPOP Mvs and songs during Korean class to learn and calls it stressful like bishwa (btw it’s part of the Korean class lol)

  • savage toast

    savage toast

     9 hours ago

    Some people work, study day and night to go to harvard almost risking their life and you sit here doing what? Drinking ur Starbucks and eating ur "organic vegan food"

  • Elias M

    Elias M

     9 hours ago

    My community college is more stressful than this

  • Conatus


     10 hours ago

    If you wash your hair every day, you're wrong.

  • uju Oseloka

    uju Oseloka

     11 hours ago

    Dear Americans y'all are mean, Jealous and Plain Vile..
    Daddy's money or not,she is in school & it is her life.
    Why are y'alls dads broke,in jail,dead or absent?
    Better still why are y'all not in an Ivy league school & if you're why aren't you focused on your lives?

    Dear Sienna have an amazing time doing what you want,life is stressful & you don't have to justify it.

  • Miss Apricot

    Miss Apricot

     12 hours ago

    my hectic day is with assignment, sleep with assingment drink and eat with assingment

  • Daenerys ma Bij

    Daenerys ma Bij

     12 hours ago

    those 2 subjects could only be d one in her sched that day... yall dont be so---

  • sentimental eonnie

    sentimental eonnie

     13 hours ago

    Harvard student and AN ARMY WOW I STAN

  • ScreenFunFacts


     17 hours ago

    More like a day in the life of a vapid VSCO girl.

  • Connor Smith

    Connor Smith

     18 hours ago

    This is just 🤢

  • arielle wang

    arielle wang

     18 hours ago

    Dis video is so satisfying