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Level of Pakistani Scientist Politician and Media Exposed by Rare honest Pakistani Media

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 4, 2015
  • however, classical physics is being brutally murdered on television in Pakistan, in front of millions, even if only a few of them care about Science. The laws of conservation of energy, the laws of thermodynamics, basic human intelligence and rationality have been brought to the guillotine. The sentence was carried out by a team of ‘engineers’ from Khairpur, talk show hosts, their production teams and unscientifically leaning ‘renowned scientists’ brought as expert commentators.

    ‘Engineer’ Agha Waqar and his team have invented the magic pill which will solve all the world’s – but first Pakistan’s energy problems. Lo, and behold, the ‘water kit’! It has already got the nod of approval from a few ministers, a ‘report’ of some sort is due in two weeks on it and the heads of the Pakistan Council of Scientific; and Industrial Research and Pakistan Science Foundation are believers too.

    The ‘Engineer’ behind the revolution has already told us that like any patriot, he has refused huge monetary ‘offers’ from various countries (names thrown in for greater effect at times), that he has come to the public without securing any patent because he wants to use it for public good, that he surely feels threatened by the global oil and gas lobby, that he can modify that ‘water kit’ for use on all things (yes, railway engines included) and that revolution is ready to be commercialised. No peer reviewed journals, no scientific method – it works.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/391U5hkXg7g


  • mayur mali

    mayur mali

     1 months ago

    A Q khan is a scientist ????

  • mayur mali

    mayur mali

     1 months ago

    These two are daring journalists

  • shraaz khan

    shraaz khan

     4 months ago

    ان دونوں کیوں اتنی گانڈ میں خارش ہے ۔

  • Nelson Darwin Pak Tech

    Nelson Darwin Pak Tech

     4 months ago +1

    Agha waqar is an illetrate person,,and usually in pakistan on all top positions like heads of science based institutes peoples are hired on the political grounds rather than on skills,,,,,,I myself doing R and D since ten years,,,,so considering that every pakistani scientist is not capable is wrong,,,,

  • Raj Uniyal

    Raj Uniyal

     4 months ago +1

    Na-pakistani inventor... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Engine hi baith gaya..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Abdul Quadir Khan a thief himself ..... he is not a scientist... his Nuclear programme was on stolen technology... which by the way failed... and in the end Na-pakistan did Nuclear explosions with Chinese technology....

  • Haider Hadi

    Haider Hadi

     5 months ago

    OK 50 years ago nobody could have thought or accept That You can operate a phone with touch, or you can talk and see someone sitting in america live. And Science is all about doing Undo able. Nothing is impossible in front of science.

  • waheed sakki

    waheed sakki

     5 months ago +1

    Thuk hai tum jaise harami aur parchi media par lanat ho tum kamino par..

  • sabita Das

    sabita Das

     7 months ago

    Ha ha Abe video uploader tumlok ka kuch kaam nehi hai Kya?? Iss harami lok ko bolte ho ki honest . Sudhar ja moron.

  • shahid mumtaz

    shahid mumtaz

     8 months ago

    U boths are stupids...

  • Abrar Ahmad

    Abrar Ahmad

     8 months ago

    Yar agr wo kam karti ha tu jo us mae kami ha us ku dor karna shaiya na ka us ki hosla shikni karae

  • Shah Gul

    Shah Gul

     8 months ago

    Kuttay harami

  • Radhika Verma

    Radhika Verma

     10 months ago

    Zara hat Kay team , a real classic! Loved the humour.

  • naseer abbasi1

    naseer abbasi1

     10 months ago

    Atta ur rehman jhota aur corrupt ha

  • Akashu Khan

    Akashu Khan

     10 months ago +1

    both anchor are like shemale plzzz you need to suport new idea not to discourage

  • Rashid Basheer

    Rashid Basheer

     10 months ago +1

    Dono anchor chutiye hain

  • Shahid Malik

    Shahid Malik

     10 months ago

    chootia tareen loog he yeh media k ju yeh show kr rahe he gaandoo

  • Asim Jamal

    Asim Jamal

     10 months ago +1

    shame on you guys , you just lie to public , every thing is possible in the world , but you guys use ur stupid mind . you dont even know how to create a small thing , but you forgot something , there are thousands of people in the world , they create thousands of things , without read any book . without search any websites , without learn form others , but they use their own mind to create a lots of things in the world and now all those scientists they just copy them . but you guys believes in stupids scientists whom they dont even create anything to use their own mind , but they just copy others , ....... but you guys fool public , .. but i believe in agha waqar he really did great job .

  • Raghavendra Prakash

    Raghavendra Prakash

     11 months ago

    Like you guyz running the show. Frauds are everywhere, I pity cabinet's immature thinking.
    On a serious note, nations need to set aside good budget for innovations to promote science institutions, rather than spending a lot on military purposes.

  • We the people of India

    We the people of India

     11 months ago

    abe jihadioki fauj
    tum to bus jin ko pakadke
    electricity banao



     a years ago

    heheeheheh very funny a scientist believe on this ...