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Top 25 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Dunks of All Time (2000-2016) HD Best List

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 13, 2016
  • I have been an avid fan of slam dunks for many years and have watched all the dunk contests. This is the updated version of the Top Slam Dunk Contest Dunks video that I made 5 years ago. All the dunks were carefully judged on degree of difficulty, finesse, power, and creativity. Please comment on what you think of my ranking.

    25. 2008 Dwight Howard Superman Dunk (0:04)
    24. 2000 Steve Francis Alley-Oop Double Pump (0:58)
    23. 2012 Jeremy Evans Two Ball Alley-Oop (1:54)
    22. 2013 Gerald Green Off the Sideboard Reverse (2:32)
    21. 2014 John Wall Over the Mascot Reverse (3:10)
    20. 2011 JaVale McGee Two Balls In Two Baskets (4:05)
    19. 2000 Tracy McGrady Double Pump 360 (4:40)
    18. 2008 Dwight Howard Behind the Backboard Windmill (5:20)
    17. 2015 Victor Oladipo 360 Reverse (6:07)
    16. 2015 Zach LaVine Off the Stanchion Between the Legs (6:55)
    15. 2016 Aaron Gordon Over the Mascot Between the Legs (7:33)
    14. 2009 Dwight Howard Off the Sideboard Alley-Oop (8:16)
    13. 2011 DeMar DeRozan One-Handed Reverse Windmill (9:08)
    12. 2000 Vince Carter Elbow Dunk (9:48)
    11. 2006 Andre Iguodala Behind the Backboard Reverse (10:48)
    10. 2008 Dwight Howard Off the Backboard Double Tap (11:30)
    9. 2015 Zach LaVine Off the Bounce Behind the Back (12:19)
    8. 2003 Desmond Mason Left-Handed Between the Legs (13:05)
    7. 2016 Zach LaVine Free Throw Line Windmill (13:49)
    6. 2016 Aaron Gordon One-Handed 360 Windmill (14:35)
    5. 2000 Vince Carter Off the Bounce Between the Legs (15:25)
    4. 2003 Jason Richardson Between the Legs Reverse (16:25)
    3. 2004 Jason Richardson Off the Backboard Between the Legs (17:26)
    2. 2016 Aaron Gordon Over the Mascot Under Both Legs (18:11)
    1. 2000 Vince Carter Reverse 360 Windmill (19:07)

    Honorable Mention:
    2006 Nate Robinson Over Spud Webb
    2011 Blake Griffin Off the Backboard Elbow Dunk
    2012 Derrick Williams Off the Sideboard 360
    2016 Zach LaVine Free Throw Line Alley-Oop
    2016 Zach LaVine Inside Free Throw Line Between the Legs
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  • Black And White

    Black And White

     8 hours ago +1

    gordon was robbed in that opinion of course

  • Nico Abad

    Nico Abad

     17 hours ago

    15:40 that's a weird looking woman.

  • Dinocrisis csgo

    Dinocrisis csgo


    Gordon just pushed the maskot to go higher

  • AndersTC



    Where is Zack lavine Between the legs free throw line dunk??

  • Kiril Stoyanov

    Kiril Stoyanov


    Improve your jumping

  • Ron Duece

    Ron Duece


    Kenny is the voice of the dunk contest

  • Game Clasher

    Game Clasher



  • Elnardo Webster

    Elnardo Webster

     2 days ago +1

    "And here's Carter with his first...." are the last words ever spoken in the pre-Vince era.

  • Kai Kai

    Kai Kai

     2 days ago

    James Harden defenitely has ptsd from that Artest elbow.

  • Rex Besana

    Rex Besana

     2 days ago

    Zac's off the FT windmill is better than MJ's

  • The Future

    The Future

     2 days ago

    Just wanted to say that the "superman" was wayyyy overrated. For one, he DIDN'T even dunk the ball. 2 It wasn't from the free throw line and overall there wasn't anything spectacular about it..They hyped that up way to damn much..js

  • Arzy Arzamas

    Arzy Arzamas

     3 days ago

    19:16 Shaq's face

  • Karma Tashi

    Karma Tashi

     3 days ago

    Where is MJ's dunk?

  • Gianmarco


     3 days ago

    Wait a sec how do I go home if I’m already at home you don’t make sense my friend

  • Christopher Chapman

    Christopher Chapman

     3 days ago

    A baby Gordon hayward

  • Judy Chen

    Judy Chen

     3 days ago +1

    There are few dunks that any player didn’t do is between the leg twice,cartwheel dunk,or jump off the 3 point line

  • Odin


     4 days ago

    First is not a dunk

  • paha suscenko

    paha suscenko

     4 days ago

    like sprite

  • liekabauz


     4 days ago +1

    that Tmac dunk and Oladipo dunk HEAVILY underrated.

  • Naaman Castro

    Naaman Castro

     4 days ago

    Yo, where’s MJ? Where’s Dominique? Where’s Spud? Where’s Kobe?