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ANGRY and UPSET Contestants ARGUE With Each Other On The X Factor UK | X Factor Global

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Have you ever seen the most shocking audition room arguments?Check out these iconic arguments between contestants from The X Factor UK!

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  • DarkAngeL


     5 minutes ago

    Sharon: "this is very dramatic"😅😅

  • The_Nuggets


     11 minutes ago

    First girls: YeAh YeAh


  • ଘNana


     13 minutes ago

    Bradley's sudden audition got me crying

  • Zahra Ahmed

    Zahra Ahmed

     21 minutes ago +1

    dr phil who?

  • Just a random person

    Just a random person

     52 minutes ago +1

    Bradley low key cute tho

  •  an hour ago

    The last one was so disgusting !!

  • Christopher Kazior

    Christopher Kazior

     an hour ago

    Having a argument

    over chicken


  •  an hour ago

    The second one made me cry !!!😭

  • Boom Yo Kaah

    Boom Yo Kaah

     2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but some of them are really good singers

  • Nana Lima

    Nana Lima

     2 hours ago

    Crazy two Girls 😫

  • Matilda Freeman

    Matilda Freeman

     2 hours ago

    The other three girls in twisted can suck my toe there so mean and the main girl doesn’t deserve them

  • wraith


     3 hours ago

    “ my names Abby “
    “ my names Lisa “
    Both:and together we eat all the pizza

  • HH3222


     4 hours ago

    This chicken 🐔 issue and all the drama behind it made me rethink my opinion about gays.

  • Lorena Rojano Andresen

    Lorena Rojano Andresen

     5 hours ago

    Abby and Lisa
    They protecc
    They attacc
    But most imporatantly they fight bacc

  • Donald Delaon

    Donald Delaon

     8 hours ago

    Kelly gave Beyonce that same pep talk in at 11:30, smdh

  • Cats Perch Creations

    Cats Perch Creations

     8 hours ago

    7:56 they actually were not that bad in my opinion..

  • Kaylee


     8 hours ago

    Everyone’s talking about the uncooked chicken thing but what about 19:50 💀

  • Kaylee


     8 hours ago

    18:08 ok but the way he said “yeah” and his facial expressions looked EXACTLY like Alyssa from TEOTFW

  • Roman Poh

    Roman Poh

     9 hours ago +1

    How to be talented?,just make a song video and use full autotune and some sick beat

  • jessica driver

    jessica driver

     9 hours ago

    Ooo poor Simon he's cringing but don't worry i am too >.<