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"Being Pretty" | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2017)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 31, 2017
  • Created by David James Armsby.https://www.facebook.com/davidarmsbya..."Hello, citizens of Autodale! You are pretty. Your neighbours, friends and family are also pretty. But sadly, not everyone is pretty. Some are ugly ...We, here at Autodale, do not want "uglies."This animation was extremely fun to work on. I definitely enjoy doing my own original stuff over Overwatch/Rick and Morty stuff. I hope that this (Like Redone) does well so I can continue doing original animations. It's so much more fun to explore my own personal creativity. Building this world from the ground up was awesome and I'm quite proud of the final result.This short explores themes of individualism, innocence and brainwashing which were very fun to play with; something I don't think I could do with the restrictive nature of a fan-film. Really hope you guys enjoy it!MAKING-OF:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVTLc..."No Monsters":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EemY2..."Children's Toys":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ByY..."Don't Feed the Freaks":https://youtu.be/Hx5ubE6wAdIAnimation Songs:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGGOn...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOrxw... (Reversed)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/44Vh_w_Qb1A


  • G.M


     2 months ago +4507

    1%: Critics to the animation
    4%: The message about this video
    95%: Pretteh

  • Kara with gun

    Kara with gun

     1 months ago +2236

    Robot: "Now look at you, children. You have friends..."
    Me: Assuming a whole lot here, buddy.

  • Mr. E

    Mr. E

     21 days ago +1649

    Remember Children,
    If you aren’t physically fit
    You get yeeted in the pit!

  • Lilith Twilight

    Lilith Twilight

     1 months ago +2294

    “Now finally my prettiehs ..”
    “Look outside at your lovely neighbours..”
    “You’re pretteh ..”
    “You’re pretteh ..”
    “You’re pretteh ..”
    “But alas children. Not everyone is pretteh ..”
    “Some are UGLEH ..”

  • taegguk pi0la

    taegguk pi0la

     2 months ago +2168

    Robot: "You are ugly"
    Me: I kNoW Im SoRrY

  • Lydia Wang

    Lydia Wang

     a years ago +8828

    "Look at your mother. She is pretteh."

  • CrayZeeGaming *

    CrayZeeGaming *

     28 days ago +926

    Wtf one of those masks was tagged “sick”

  • { FluffyDoggos }

    { FluffyDoggos }

     21 days ago +425

    sees a mask that says “depressing” in the pit
    Hah guess who’s going into the pit

  • [GD] Gabby5820

    [GD] Gabby5820

     1 months ago +474

    Robot: Look at yourself.
    Me: *looks at mirror*
    Also me: *screams*

  • Kurzuero


     1 months ago +498

    Imagine this (concept) got made into a full fledged movie, thatd be amazing

  • Jear Desus

    Jear Desus

     3 months ago +4645

    Robot : Children, look at your father
    Me : *Looks at nothing*

  • Mr Internet Guy

    Mr Internet Guy

     1 months ago +580

    Me: Doing homework
    Me: Accidentally get’s Paper cut
    Me: Crap
    Meanwhile in the Pit
    My Mask: Weak

  • Darkiplier


     28 days ago +515

    Me: sees the gay person in the pit
    Also me: mom I’m off to go jump in a hole

  • Lapis Films Studios

    Lapis Films Studios

     21 days ago +162

    “You’re pretty”
    That’s assuming a lot
    “You are ugly”
    Yeah that’s better

  • Khadija


     1 months ago +200

    Somebody: Look at your friends.
    Me: *looks at nothing*

  • Bee Gee

    Bee Gee

     10 months ago +2711

    When he said "You are Ugly" I felt attacked

  • Akisha and peeps

    Akisha and peeps

     21 days ago +103

    Tv:" Every one is PRITTEH "
    Me:thank god
    Tv" * but allas not everyone is PRITTTEH there are UGLEHS* "
    Me: DAMMIT bye into the pit i go

  • Adarsh Sharma

    Adarsh Sharma

     21 days ago +123

    why is no one talking about the gigantic build at the start that looks like a dic..??
    oh wait... no don't throw me in the pit noooooooo(echo)

  • Brandon Potenberg

    Brandon Potenberg

     21 days ago +79

    I can just imagine someone laying there with the label "Likes plain black coffee"

  • akufarel Ghaul

    akufarel Ghaul

     21 days ago +62

    Some Robot in TV : look at yourself
    Me : *look at mirror*
    Also me : i don't even know who you are