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The ALL-AMAZON BASICS Gaming Battlestation!

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
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    We got every PC related item from AmazonBasics and made an absurd “battle station” desktop gaming setup.

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    Monitor Stand:
    USB Hub:
    Xbox Controller:
    Gaming Mouse:
    Mouse Pad:
    Sound Bar:
    Microfiber Cloths:
    Foot rest:
    Power Cord:
    Hard Drive Enclosure:
    External Hard Drive Case:
    USB Wi-Fi Adapter:
    USB Type-C Cable:
    Ethernet Cable:
    Cable Sleeve:
    Surge Protector:

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  • Jax22


     13 hours ago

    “It’s happy to see me”
    Said Linus to a computer

  • Giants 10121416

    Giants 10121416

     17 hours ago

    The sound bar is 69

  • ya boi

    ya boi


    Could say this video was pretty basic

  • Gamer1912Real



    Linus staple tips ladies and gentlemen!

  • Mags Keay-Wilson

    Mags Keay-Wilson

     2 days ago +1

    At the begging though. That guy snatching the box from him and him saying it was in order. I wonder what happened after that.

  • Alex Ackerman

    Alex Ackerman

     3 days ago

    I use the amazon basics monitor stand in my lab because the stock monitor stands don't allow the monitors to fit under the cabinets above the work bench

  • キティニャー


     3 days ago

    i need a amazon basics gpu

  • mohammed ahmed shah

    mohammed ahmed shah

     4 days ago

    look aT HIS AaAaAw tho

  • MightLight Studio Offical

    MightLight Studio Offical

     4 days ago

    Why everyone is talking about Apple Stands

  • Leuart


     4 days ago

    1:34 m- me?

  • RadicalxEdward


     4 days ago

    Amazon Basics doesn’t even seem like a good value most of the time. It’s either still expensive like the chair or it’s total crap for the money.

  • Zebbzz드래곤


     5 days ago

    Thanks for putting sponsor at the end so I don't have to skip past it to watch the video.

  • Jason delgado

    Jason delgado

     5 days ago

    Linus! Stop wearing those stupid sandals. put some real shoes on...... loser!

  • Rainbow Spec

    Rainbow Spec

     6 days ago

    That Amazon Basics Microphone looks like a Copy of the Blue Yetti Blackout Microphone which I personally own and have.

  • james walters

    james walters

     6 days ago

    i have a 24 inch monitor :{ going to break it now

  • ORBIT9224


     7 days ago

    u say they controller is loud but it sounds about the same as the xbox one elite controllers lb an rb buttons an unlike the xbox one elite i bet the pram rests done full off after a couple of months of use an u no its not stuipd priced unlike the xbox one elite controller

  • SolidSonicTH


     7 days ago +1

    LMAO @ buying PC power cables.

  • Eternia


     7 days ago +3

    “Does it not come with a sound bar or something”
    It was at this moment...he knew

  • Julian Romantini

    Julian Romantini

     7 days ago

    so what do you like the best about you new set up? linus "i like the display port cable"

  • BacklightTerruvia


     7 days ago

    What's really hilarious is that Windows 10 doesn't even need hardware installation discs anymore since it can find the drivers it needs automatically.