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Katelyn Ohashi - 10.0 Floor (1-12-19)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Katelyn Ohashi - 10.0 on Floor Exercise (1-12-19)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/4ic7RNS4Dfo


  • Tenor Sax

    Tenor Sax

     38 minutes ago

    What's funny is watching her teammates imitate her moves from the sideline.

  • Curt Morris

    Curt Morris

     42 minutes ago

    Drop 1 drop 2 drop that ass down

  • Timmy Randall

    Timmy Randall

     an hour ago

    Why does her forehead look like that

  • Ali Mad

    Ali Mad

     4 hours ago +1

    I'll never be tired of seeing THIS girl doing THIS routine



     5 hours ago

    Я подумал это Бузова.

    Кстати ушатаю Бузову на Евро, если подпишитесь. Куколд держит слово!

  • escape time

    escape time

     5 hours ago

    The effortlessness in her performance is absolutely insane.

    Her face never stressed once!!

  • Ahmad Shorman

    Ahmad Shorman

     6 hours ago +1

    اشتركوا بقناه ناجي القاق والقناه اثانيه اسمها بومباستيك

  • Timo Karner

    Timo Karner

     7 hours ago +1

    Breiter als die Türsteherin 😂

  • Crossigreem


     7 hours ago

    Хуета какая то

  • Alex Guigui

    Alex Guigui

     8 hours ago

    0:08 she do this like ez
    But even with a trampoline i can’t do this

  • shogunpsy eloheem

    shogunpsy eloheem

     9 hours ago

    Her strength is unreal

  • TheToanOfVoice Francis

    TheToanOfVoice Francis

     9 hours ago

    Great flexibility on my... trampoline... yeh

  • كيف اذود عداد قناتي اذي اربح من الانترانت

    كيف اذود عداد قناتي اذي اربح من الانترانت

     10 hours ago

    تبعوني اتبعك وشكرا

  • Sethro Sizeofthesun

    Sethro Sizeofthesun

     10 hours ago

    I don’t know, clapping on the 1 and the 3 could have been a minor deduction 😆

  • Perfectsound


     10 hours ago

    This is called Dance these days.

  • Aoik Weinstein

    Aoik Weinstein

     10 hours ago

    How sexy is she?

  • Rascal Husky

    Rascal Husky

     10 hours ago

    Not bad as in out of this world.



     10 hours ago


  • Сергей Боев

    Сергей Боев

     11 hours ago

    Ебать такая попа а так скачет

  • Chelsea Murphy

    Chelsea Murphy

     11 hours ago

    Yes girl.. You work that talent of yours. You are AMAZING! And your body is incredible, I'm a swimmer and contemp dancer, sometimes our muscles are hard to accept, but damn girl you should be proud you look incredible! And your gymnastics? I could never compete 🤦🏼 100% talent x