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Gaming On Youtube Has Changed

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • I couldn't sleep, here's some thoughts
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  • resident1793


     21 days ago +3965

    Jacksepticeye: I don’t get as many views as I used to.
    Minecraft: allow me to introduce myself

  • Rafael Rego Drumond

    Rafael Rego Drumond

     14 days ago +1523

    I want to watch videos where the YouTuber is actually having fun. Please take care of yourself first! Mental health comes first!

  • Aqua Kid2000

    Aqua Kid2000

     14 days ago +1114

    Gaming is changing
    Me:*looks at how Minecraft has some how come back* yep

  • Kaledrone /\

    Kaledrone /\

     14 days ago +825

    Jack : Starts the video with hi instead of Top of the morning to ya' laddies
    Me: Say sike right now

  • Arcade Era Beats

    Arcade Era Beats

     14 days ago +761

    That system is very bad for indie games. New indie games are going to have a hard time breaking through if Youtubers don't get views anymore from playing those games.

  • jen-dot -net

    jen-dot -net

     21 days ago +443

    This isn't related to the video, but who else was up past midnight and saw the notification for this and was like "Ok I'm watching"
    Edit: holy frick so many of you are up too 😂

  • Jonathan M

    Jonathan M

     14 days ago +563

    My question is why bother demonetizing if there is a separate app called YouTube kids.

  • Camryn Blankenship

    Camryn Blankenship

     14 days ago +693

    Sean: variaty of games
    Youtube: minecraft or nothing

  • Pipin06


     14 days ago +198

    "Gamers swear more than other YouTubers becau-"
    2 unskippable ads show up

  • Maykol Alvarez

    Maykol Alvarez

     14 days ago +340

    Jack: "Gaming on youtube has changed"
    Also Jack: proceeds to make 6 minecraft videos in like a week.

  • edgar perez

    edgar perez

     21 days ago +894

    Man I remember when YouTube didn't care what you did they would still monetize anyone

  • MiffedCrew


     14 days ago +271

    Top of the half past four in the morning to ya ma laddies! A sleepy Jack is a wise Jack, notes were taken during the watching of this video.
    Seriously through you made some excellent points, more of the same would be great, but preferably without harm to Jacksepticeyes in the early hours of the morning!

  • Cutler Hanks

    Cutler Hanks

     14 days ago +150

    Arthur Morgan:They just don't want people like us anymore.

  • BouncyLad


     7 days ago +68

    dad jacksepticeye giving "the talk* 2019 colorized

  • jjekess


     14 days ago +86

    Seàn: "I dont just play 1 game, I play a lot if other games"
    Also Seàn but 5 years later: "WELCOME TO MINECRAFT PART 666"

  • B M

    B M

     21 days ago +7343

    Nah, it's gaming week. Gamers don't die they respawn.

  • A Dog

    A Dog

     14 days ago +127

    I come back after 3 years and he has a man bun i-

  • jay thosonmp

    jay thosonmp

     7 days ago +30

    jack: gaming on youtube has changed
    felix: G E T I N T H E B O A T



     14 days ago +59

    People stop watching stuff once they get bored of the same content, if not we will still be watching that 100 degree knife stuff.

  • Dude Man

    Dude Man

     7 days ago +36

    people are probably saying pewdiepies channel is dying since he is only the second biggest channel.
    Loved your Detroit Become Human play through btw, just wanted to say it even tough that is a while ago.