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We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 5, 2018
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    We started out with one goal: Overclock Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and document the process. But we got a little ahead of ourselves...

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5Vri6IbT0Ew


  • Billjob_Gaming


     2 hours ago

    Did anyone catch what suicide run actually means?😂😂

  • Paulo Davio

    Paulo Davio

     13 hours ago

    next up making a PC in a aquarium

  • Jackson


     16 hours ago

    How the flying fuck can people even reach number one on that rank

  • vitalice


     23 hours ago

    I need a Anthony in my life

  • AJ W

    AJ W


    13:45 = EPIC lol

  • Jarrett Embry

    Jarrett Embry



  • Albertus De Klerk

    Albertus De Klerk

     2 days ago

    "ns": "yt",
    "el": "detailpage",
    "cpn": "qqz_wpr40ynBoJL-",
    "docid": "5Vri6IbT0Ew",
    "ver": 2,
    "referrer": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl7Dx895ND4",
    "cmt": "115.896",
    "ei": "9p3qXZfhL4LaxwKh5Ipo",
    "fmt": "247",
    "fs": "0",
    "rt": "124.076",
    "of": "90FJWExJvnUoPICH5daaFA",
    "euri": "",
    "lact": 10,
    "cl": "284024905",
    "mos": 0,
    "state": "8",
    "volume": 51,
    "subscribed": "1",
    "c": "WEB",
    "cver": "2.20191206.06.00",
    "cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",
    "cbr": "Chrome",
    "cbrver": "78.0.3904.108",
    "cos": "Windows",
    "cosver": "10.0",
    "hl": "en_GB",
    "cr": "ZA",
    "len": "1681.761",
    "fexp": "23722138,23744176,23788837,23797926,23804281,23811284,23817321,23827263,23837040,23837772,23837993,23839597,23842630,23842986,23848795,23854060,23854668,23856289,23856652,23857946,23859126,23859802,23860445,23861502,23861738,23862435,23862889,23862889,23863827,24630193,3300111,3300133,3300164,3313321,3314786,3315531,3315790,3316343,9449243,9471239",
    "feature": "endscreen",
    "afmt": "251",
    "vct": "115.896",
    "vd": "1681.761",
    "vpl": "0.000-115.896",
    "vbu": "0.000-227.427",
    "vpa": "0",
    "vsk": "0",
    "ven": "0",
    "vpr": "1",
    "vrs": "4",
    "vns": "2",
    "vec": "null",
    "vvol": "0.5125",
    "totalVideoFrames": 3478,
    "droppedVideoFrames": 7,
    "lct": "115.687",
    "lsk": false,
    "lmf": false,
    "lbw": "692700.000",
    "lhd": "0.141",
    "lst": "0.000",
    "laa": "itag=251,type=3,seg=23,range=3065189-3207259,time=230.0-240.0,off=0,len=142071,end=1",
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    "lvr": "itag=247,type=3,seg=44,range=35308020-36142950,time=232.3-237.5,off=0,len=834931,end=1",
    "lab": "0.000-240.001",
    "lvb": "0.000-227.427",
    "ismb": 3220000,
    "relative_loudness": "-2.856",
    "optimal_format": "720p",
    "user_qual": "hd720",
    "debug_videoId": "5Vri6IbT0Ew",
    "0sz": false,
    "op": "",
    "yof": false,
    "dis": "",
    "gpu": "ANGLE_(NVIDIA_GeForce_GT_630_Direct3D11_vs_5_0_ps_5_0)",
    "cgr": true,
    "debug_playbackQuality": "hd720",
    "debug_date": "Fri Dec 06 2019 20:31:15 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time)"

  • Streyr


     2 days ago

    Splice temp sensors with an arduino into the cooling hoses, measure incoming and outgoing fluid temps and use that to turn on/off your chillers, minimizing condensation

  • Sava Madalin

    Sava Madalin

     3 days ago

    HOW does he not get hurt?

  • 75hilmar


     3 days ago

    Have you thought about flipping the build so the condensation follows the tubes away from the board?

  • Gerald Koth

    Gerald Koth

     3 days ago

    What a freakin kluge BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Fork


     4 days ago

    to counteract condensation, could the pc be submerged in mineral oil?

  • PessiMan


     4 days ago

    Build a cabinet for the item your chilling use dessicant or a dehumidifier to drop the humidity to 0 eliminate the condensate your getting. Anything air cooled on the board may have issues cooling in a dry environment though.

  • Ali Atique

    Ali Atique

     5 days ago

    most difficult video to listen

  • arran shirovay

    arran shirovay

     5 days ago

    You guy's are the Top gear of the computer world..... Keep going


  • Max Percer

    Max Percer

     5 days ago

    name of monitor?

  • Benjamin Hausmann

    Benjamin Hausmann

     5 days ago

    cpu tempeture -5 xd

  • Keegan Penney

    Keegan Penney

     6 days ago

    Rainx in a loop? Holy fuck now I've seen everything

  • Kornflakez - Lost Places & Stuff

    Kornflakez - Lost Places & Stuff

     6 days ago

    I like Anthony. He is like a brother I never had

  • evansicaria


     6 days ago

    am i the only one that i hear something strange or my speakers are faulty?