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We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 5, 2018
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    We started out with one goal: Overclock Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and document the process. But we got a little ahead of ourselves...

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  • langan moffett

    langan moffett

     2 hours ago

    uhhhhhhhhh im using msi dragon center and for simplicity and laziness, I just hit "gaming" mode and launch afterburner and it says it is clocking at 1950Mhz

  • Marwan Mahdy

    Marwan Mahdy

     12 hours ago

    If I had Anthony at home I would ask him to build me a TITAN V

  • Marwan Mahdy

    Marwan Mahdy

     12 hours ago

    If I had Anthony at home I would ask him to build me a TITAN V

  • Karen



    That ltt wallpaper reminds me of the p0rn hub logo

  • Coluurs


     yesterday +1

    Imagine only using a 1000w psu

  • anubis520



    This was my first LTT video. I was building my first PC and wasn't sure if I should get a 1080TI or 2080TI. Ended up following and watching LTT, J-2C and Nexus religiously.

  • Caleb Fuller

    Caleb Fuller


    Its like a real-life version one of those Star Trek episodes where Scotty or Geordi are attempting some ridiculous engineering feat to get a bit of a boost out of the Enterprise in some way! "5.2Ghz Captain... its not stable... I canna hold it much longer!"

  • JoeAceJR



    0:00 You scared the crap out of me

  • zero15388



    What's that LG monitor there?

  • Ashton Khan

    Ashton Khan


    14:03 this shit had me dying

  • ForbiddenFateGaming


     yesterday +2

    Love how Linus fell for the whole "it wont work without RGB" joke

  • s.k fix

    s.k fix

     2 days ago

    Loved it.

  • No u Gae

    No u Gae

     2 days ago +1

    i had a add with linus in it

  • Baqar Ali

    Baqar Ali

     4 days ago

    Is that a Yamaha speaker on the stand in the back?

  • xxSpittle


     4 days ago


  • skybellrock


     5 days ago

    I just got an advertisement for pulseway featuring you. Didnt know you were acting for advertisements.

  • mambobro


     5 days ago

    Just checked, this score is now 58th.



     5 days ago

    i love linus when he is mad

  • StanPlayZ


     6 days ago

    Oh and the blowie-matron is back

  • JHutch


     6 days ago

    The big guy is my favorite "extra guy" on the channel lol. He knows his shit forreal!