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Freelancers Episode 6: Circus Berserkus

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
  • The team must endure a terrifying haunted house! Like every intelligent group of individuals, they immediately split up and encounter their deepest fears.Freelancers is brought to you by our besties at ClickFunnels! Check them out at: https://www.freelancersecrets.comGet updates about future shows and behind the scene sneak peaks at our official Instagram account here:
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  • JK! Studios

    JK! Studios

     3 months ago +935


  • Ima burrito

    Ima burrito

     3 months ago +1189

    I love how there's just a side plot of Devin genuinely just being a psychopath

  • Jason Gray

    Jason Gray

     3 months ago +564

    This is the 3rd creepy clown I've played in my career.

  • Jason Gray

    Jason Gray

     3 months ago +681

    I'm setting up a gofundme so that my character can continue finish his senior year at Juliard

  • Mimmi Smith

    Mimmi Smith

     3 months ago +616

    Why does Matt always look like your suspicious neighbor's sad dog

  • Sophia Qiu

    Sophia Qiu

     3 months ago +269

    Zona and Chainsaw guy, still a better love story than Twilight

  • Maddy Woodburn

    Maddy Woodburn

     3 months ago +430

    "They're playing Meghan Trainor music backwards. Apparently it's actually more empowering to women."

  • the Taste of Sunshine

    the Taste of Sunshine

     3 months ago +112

    "They're playing Meghan Trainor music backwards."
    "Yeah! Apparently, it makes the songs actually empowering to women."
    i died

  • Milla The Unicorn

    Milla The Unicorn

     3 months ago +372

    "You took advantage of us as millennials. You know we have a predisposition not to read contracts!"

  • Hariom Kushwaha

    Hariom Kushwaha

     3 months ago +422

    I don't Fight or Flight!
    I Smite, i Ignite, i get an Appetite
    Edit: Thank you so much for the 130 likes!

  • Tyler Wagner-Ralph

    Tyler Wagner-Ralph

     3 months ago +381

    These Freelancers episodes man. They're the highlight of every Thursday.
    Edit: The true highlight of every week, however, is Jeremy's full beard.

  • Jason Gray

    Jason Gray

     3 months ago +139

    This was the FUNNEST place to film at! #nightmareon13th Seriously if you live in Utah you got to go to this place during Halloween

  • Cara Williams

    Cara Williams

     3 months ago +80

    Zona: Where's Devin?
    Owen: She dead! SHE DEAD!

  • Hadden Kurtz

    Hadden Kurtz

     3 months ago +102

    Did anyone else notice that Micah signed his name on the wall? You can see it at 2:17... Also good to see Aaron!

  • Somerandomperson 9

    Somerandomperson 9

     3 months ago +379

    When you're watching Studio C and get a notification for JK Studios

  • Cade Taylor

    Cade Taylor

     3 months ago +207

    "I ate raw meet while people guessed my credit score" lol truly terrifying

  • Blue Duckling

    Blue Duckling

     3 months ago +325

    Woah, okay.
    Bringing in some good kid actors, huh?
    Edit: Guys chill I'm talking about the actual kids that are in the episode

  • Katie P3

    Katie P3

     3 months ago +166

    The details in this show are amazing! Matt is still wearing the ‘Click Funnel’ shirts and you can see ‘Micah’ written in the background in shots.
    This show is great!! Ily guys 😂❤️

  • Sarah James

    Sarah James

     3 months ago +198

    I get Terror Acne and I just ran out of concealer...

  • Savannah L.

    Savannah L.

     3 months ago +63

    Ok. Is anyone else shipping Zona and Owen? Not just because Stephen and Whitney are married. I just think the characters would be cute together. Plus they're both looking for love!