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The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • Today Blockbuster is effectively gone, but there was a time when they were the standard for movie rentals. This video takes an in depth look into the rise, decline, and attempts to answer the question of what exactly happened to Blockbuster. Twitter: https://companyman.squarespace.comThe Decline of Kmart: Decline of RadioShack: YouTube Channels: Basketball's Best - Man -'s Thoughts - May Also Like: MTV:
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  • J- Hod

    J- Hod

     2 years ago +2188

    2037: The decline of Netflix...what happened?

  • Luis Antonio Perez

    Luis Antonio Perez

     8 months ago +176

    The reason there are Blockbusters in Alaska is because they don't have access to broadband internet.

  • boredstudent


     4 months ago +34

    I'm in my 30s now and I can definitely remember the days of Blockbuster Video. As a young gamer I used to go there and rent videogames on weekends and vacations. It was something I enjoyed doing as a kid. One time my mom got me my own membership card and a games freedom pass for 30 day unlimited rentals on games and every day that month I would ride my bike to one of my local Blockbuster stores and get a game and return it the next day. Those were some great times

  • Emiaj Zerolf

    Emiaj Zerolf

     5 months ago +150

    and Netflix came about because a guy hated paying $19.99 for a late fee!

  • Soldier-2Point0


     a years ago +298

    Walking into a Blockbuster video was an experience in itself. The fact that you found something you wanted to watch or play was a plus. I miss video stores. I was one of those weirdos that still went to video stores well into the late 2000s.

  • Luis Valenzuela Medina

    Luis Valenzuela Medina

     2 years ago +661

    Former Blockbuster employee here.
    It was my first job and I have a lot of good memories.
    Sure, the job didn´t pay much but I loved it: Free rentals, staff discount, I really enjoyed to talk about movies with costumers and other film buffs, the schedule allowed me to still go to college and I met some really good friends there.
    It was quite sad to see the death of my local Blockbuster with my own eyes: During the last months I worked there the store was pretty much empty, with only about 4 to 6 customers renting movies during the whole day. Once, I stayed the entire saturday and the whole sale of that day was about 6 dollars... It was terrible to tell my boss the news but sadly there was little that we could do.
    I really like Netflix but Blockbuster had something special that now is simply gone.

  • Anthony Ogans

    Anthony Ogans

     5 months ago +88

    Wait a minute!! Hollywood Video gave you a free movie on your birthday!! Blockbuster didn't.

  • EremikaHaven


     6 months ago +31


  • Benjamin Gottsch

    Benjamin Gottsch

     a years ago +87

    Family video is still around. They survived the Netflix purge by attaching themselves to Marco's pizza, and give free rentals with a purchase of a pizza.

  • Celeste Barker

    Celeste Barker

     4 months ago +61

    I live in Japan and there is a movie rental store called "Tsutaya" they are everywhere and alive and strong. Most people also have Netflix. I frequent there myself for that nostalgic feeling.

  • Mike Bougiamas

    Mike Bougiamas

     a years ago +337

    Let's not forget that you can borrow movies from the public library... for free.

  • Rosetta Stoned

    Rosetta Stoned

     11 months ago +25

    The one thing I missed most about Blockbuster was...
    That smell!

  • IIIrandomIII


     5 months ago +26

    I remember walking into a blockbuster store and thinking it had the same "atmosphere" as going to the cinemas... and bumping into family friends etc... it was cool

  • Seanlamontmusic


     4 months ago +24

    Blockbuster had the new movies Netflix doesn't

  • Nine Inch Nail

    Nine Inch Nail

     9 months ago +19

    Flashback to a Blockbuster on a Saturday at 6pm in 1990. Packed with people!!

  • R Curtis

    R Curtis

     2 years ago +688

    I Can still remember the smell of BLOCKBUSTER.... Freshly minted DVD Plastic and popcorn....

  • C0mbat Ev0lve

    C0mbat Ev0lve

     a years ago +35

    I use to work there from 2004-2007 during college. And we knew it was on the way out. Too much corporate pushing to sell passes and then pushing to sell online mail service. They just never advanced with the times. Gamestop is seeing this now. Microsoft xbox one came on too early and too strong. Hence why ps4 had better press. Gamestop is doomed to be like blockbuster if they don't innovate. Do a gamestop video!

  • jimmy dingo

    jimmy dingo

     a years ago +107

    I miss the process of going to an actual brick & mortar store. I miss Blockbuster. I guess it's us Old Folks that prefer the Old Ways.

  • EDK ReefMeister

    EDK ReefMeister

     2 months ago +18

    I loved BlockBuster when I was a kid. There was nothing like getting the last tape of a "must see" movie from the return bin!

  • Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

     7 months ago +14

    It makes me sad. I loved going to blockbuster.