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The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • Today Blockbuster is effectively gone, but there was a time when they were the standard for movie rentals. This video takes an in depth look into the rise, decline, and attempts to answer the question of what exactly happened to Blockbuster.


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  • Brandan Wilson

    Brandan Wilson

     11 hours ago

    The experience of walking through any store and being able to pick up, look at from all angles and put back down an item that physically exists, the internet is taking that away, and while online services are convenient, they're just not as fun.

  • Sonny Larsen

    Sonny Larsen


    You said if I go to the website, it wasn't there? But it is? I can rent movies to stream fine?

  • Bill Levins

    Bill Levins


    The last time I went to blockbuster it was 2009 and they had all these complicated late fee's and fines you had to pay if you didn't bring the DVD back in time. Never went back after that and I remember shortly after they closed down and quickly became a Five Guys Hamburger place.

  • Ten thousand subs With only 1 videoツ

    Ten thousand subs With only 1 videoツ

     yesterday +1

    I’ve never been here.

  • happy days

    happy days

     3 days ago


  • Cambyrd


     3 days ago

    “twenty o four and twenty o five”😂😂

  • Jari Haukilahti

    Jari Haukilahti

     3 days ago

    In sweden a videorental was supposed to be shady, paying no tax use unpaid works force ,use all tricks in the book ,sell untaxed tobacco etc . Half of of those might have thier buddies in crimegangs - glad their business gone to shit.

  • i nut hugger Restler

    i nut hugger Restler

     4 days ago

    I miss movie gallery

  • D. Dalton Roc'zombie

    D. Dalton Roc'zombie

     4 days ago

    I have over 2000 DVD's in my theater here at home, ALL BOUGHT AT LOCAL PAWN SHOPS FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH!! I never use net flix or any of those foolish businesses but I use utube all the time.

  • c g

    c g

     5 days ago

    I was a small child when blockbuster was still in my city, but I still remember the smell and the excitement of walking around there. And honestly I’d looove to have blockbuster back. It would be such a cute date to go pick out movies at the blockbuster and watch them all night. Kinda like blockbuster and chill 😳

  • nicolochan leo

    nicolochan leo

     5 days ago

    Other: (((((pron)))))

  • E-M Entertainment

    E-M Entertainment

     5 days ago

    I was only in an actual Blockbuster once in my life, but I must say the colors they used were cool.

  • Zaira Marquez

    Zaira Marquez

     6 days ago

    There is a (kind”ve )blockbuster near me it’s called video express but you do rent movies like blockbuster

  • Asena S

    Asena S

     7 days ago

    My parents would always rent GameCube games for my brother and I 😭

  • Jose Luis Cano

    Jose Luis Cano

     7 days ago

    =( toy r us is back.. I can't imagine how blockbuster would do the same.. Especially how Disney + is out now.. but I would love to see blockbuster come back as a zombie lol

  • vc b

    vc b

     7 days ago

    former blockbuster employee here

    fyi “ other” was condems

  • BrittBratt18


     7 days ago +1

    What happened?
    Lazy people and netflix is what happened

    But netflix is slowly heading down a bad road themselves. I just recently cancelled cause the same shows/movies have been on there for months or bunch b rated movies no cares to watch. The horror movie sections is severely neglected and riddled with shitty b rated horror. Now that other corporations want to get on subscriptions services, netflix is cranking out originals that are hits but a lot misses lately. I just want movies i can't find in so much their own crappy movies/shows. But it's really sad how we killed block buster off like that, all because we were to damn lazy to get up and take movie back after getting up and taking it home.

  • Eat At Joe's

    Eat At Joe's

     7 days ago

    I only remember one or two things about Blockbuster: the time I walked in there with my mom once, looked around the store stupidly thinking it was going to be around forever and walking out buying nothing, and the "No More Late Fees," commercial along with the two hamsters.

  • Ryanmiller70


     7 days ago

    If there's one thing I'll never forget about Netflix, it's the cases. Recently I went to Vintage Stock just to look around and saw there were 2 different prices for some used copies of the same movie. After picking up the cheaper one, I could immediately tell it was a Blockbuster case and I was right.

  • Thom Personal

    Thom Personal

     7 days ago

    Sorry, it was the limited selection and the dammm late fees! It was the same cost as the rental itself and it was quite arbitrary. No excuses. Pay it or never rent again. Revenue positive or not we knew we were being taken advantage of. Just poor customer service, too. It was a necessary part of the 80s for families, but frankly not that much fun. A lot like cell fones these days.