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Protesters and police fight at Sha Tin MTR station, after day of protests in Hong Kong

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
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    Police became trapped after a fight broke out between them and protesters in Sha Tin MTR station. This incident followed an arrest in the station where the officers had used pepper spray on the crowd on the evening of September 7. It was the worst incident of violence as anti-government demonstrations entered their 14th consecutive weekend.

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    Kirk Gaming

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  • Shoulder To Shoulder Collectibles

    Shoulder To Shoulder Collectibles

     7 days ago

    Historically the price of freedom has been DEATH. If you want freedom, you have to be ready to sacrifce all. That is how the nations of the 1st world were founded and defended. Better to be a dead freedom fighter than an alive serf .... If that is the way you feel then "that simplifies the problem"

  • RedLight GreenArrow

    RedLight GreenArrow

     7 days ago

    Why did people smash out the LCDs on the fare gate that tells you how much is left on your card? Like really that is just pointless vandalism.

  • Valery Johnson

    Valery Johnson

     7 days ago

    HK should totally separate itself from China and become an Independent, democratic country.  And a USA allie.  Its people are more educated, civilized and deserve Freedom - at any cost.  HK police and government should be allied against China Mainland's cruelties and communist rhetoric.  All HK citizens should stick together for the freedom of generations to follow.  I pray for them.

  • Conor Ryan

    Conor Ryan

     7 days ago

    they should have brought smoke bombs then went for the ploice

  • rumahhafidzah bekasi

    rumahhafidzah bekasi

     14 days ago +1

    Legend say the police is still hiding in the control room

  • Ethan Productions, Videos, And Playlists

    Ethan Productions, Videos, And Playlists

     14 days ago

    Police deserved everything they got

  • Angga Kertas

    Angga Kertas

     14 days ago

    People 100 vs police 2 😂😂😂.👎👎 . Come here Indonesia . #barbarsantuy

  • Vikinglaw _

    Vikinglaw _

     21 days ago

    There not much police but he’s Hr or high rank can control the situation with this

  • Seth B

    Seth B

     21 days ago

    Well would you want shiity China taking over you after 100 year of British rule bet you wouldn't

  • phil phil

    phil phil

     21 days ago

    The homg kong nasty.peoples.mess up.some.riots.on the city.

  • 别开枪队长


     21 days ago


  • Southwest Elevators Everyday Adventure ATDS

    Southwest Elevators Everyday Adventure ATDS

     21 days ago

    The Police 👮‍♀️ 👮🏼 🚔 is going arrest the People who is fighting and they will sent the people to jail

  • Couture France

    Couture France

     21 days ago

    Im im surprised no gunshots went of like crazy :)

  • Gino Genaro

    Gino Genaro

     28 days ago

    Police crazy.....fires hong kong please.

  • Mr. Night Sky

    Mr. Night Sky

     1 months ago

    umbrella army 👊

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  • Romax 24245

    Romax 24245

     1 months ago +1

    Cheers for Hong Kong police! Fighting off the evils of western news coverage and the CIA brainwashers since 1989.