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Don't panic if the Knicks don't land Zion, KD and Kyrie are coming! - Stephen A. | First Take

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith pleads with Knicks fans not to panic if New York fails to hit the lottery and land Zion Williamson in the 2019 NBA draft. Instead, Stephen A. wants the franchise and its fan base to be patient because he's banking on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signing with the Knicks this summer as free agents.#FirstTake✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: interviews with Rachel Nichols A. Smith on ESPN on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on
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  • JUST


     3 months ago +859

    How is Kemba a younger Kyrie if he is older?

  • Nitharshan Manoharan

    Nitharshan Manoharan

     3 months ago +506

    Lmao dude Stephen A Smith talking like he’s in the Knicks organization

  • Arshdeep Singh

    Arshdeep Singh

     3 months ago +569

    Knicks expectations: KD, Kyrie, and Zion
    Knicks reality: Ariza, Rubio, and Reddish LMFAO 😂

  • Xplicit1k


     3 months ago +400

    Some of these Knicks fans act like Zion is 100% theirs, lol. knicks fans love setting themselves up for disappointment.

  • Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali

     3 months ago +222

    “Kevin Durant and Kyrie are a given, if they choose to come” that literally means it’s not a given. smh 😂

  • LNIE


     3 months ago +585

    Real Lottery odds
    Knicks 50%
    Lakers 50%
    everyone else 0%

  • shatukiki


     3 months ago +152

    Max Kellerman is the type of guy to stare his barber in the eyes while he gives him a haircut

  • liljjdmx


     3 months ago +164

    Kemba is older than kyrie Stephen A.🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia

     3 months ago +88

    Lol every year the knicks are getting a superstar

  • 2Glock 30s

    2Glock 30s

     3 months ago +15

    #1) New Orleans Pelicans
    #2) Memphis Grizzlies
    #3) New York Knicks
    #4) Los Angeles Lakers
    #5) Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Eddy Stiege

    Eddy Stiege

     3 months ago +29

    “A lot of people view Kemba as a younger, healthier kyrie” bruh kemba is older than kyrie 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Casey Eiseler

    Casey Eiseler

     3 months ago +32

    According to Stephen A. Knicks starting 5 will be Kyrie, Kemba, Klay, Durant, and AD. Stephen A will be the self-appointed head coach.

  • Dylan Ceaser

    Dylan Ceaser

     3 months ago +8

    Lmao his stance changed so damn fast...he didn’t even take his own advice

  • #CeazeBred


     3 months ago +59


  • Paul Better than Kobe Pierce

    Paul Better than Kobe Pierce

     3 months ago +38

    Watch the Cavs get Zion 😂

  • Javier Familia

    Javier Familia

     3 months ago +62

    I find it hard to believe Kyrie or KD joining the Knicks, Stephen A Smith need to stop cappin lol

  • LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay

     3 months ago +91

    Espn: the Knicks will sign kd and kyrie this summer
    Kd and kyrie: resign with the warriors and sign with the nets

  • Misteriosi81


     3 months ago +3

    Lmao, Knicks are stuck at 3 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Karas

    Ben Karas

     1 months ago +5

    Here after the knicks didn’t get Zion, and KD and Kyrie signed with Brooklyn 🤣🤣

  • I’m Not A Gamma

    I’m Not A Gamma

     3 months ago +2

    SAS: don’t panic if The Knicks don’t get first pick
    (The Knicks don’t get first pick)
    SAS: this is disastrous, I can’t believe it.