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Tomokazu Harimoto vs Xu Xin | 2018 Australian Open Highlights (1/2)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Review all the highlights from the Tomokazu Harimoto vs Xu Xin Match from the 2018 Australian Open

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  • odman



    6:40 존나 멋있다

  • Kuvandik Rahimov

    Kuvandik Rahimov

     4 days ago

    Гандон не кричи

  • kichikuou8941


     14 days ago

    Screammoto is fxxking noisy. And he is a Chinese Japanese , not a native this screaming style is not a Japanese style.

  • liping chen

    liping chen

     a months ago

  • o G

    o G

     a months ago

    3:24 (ooh)... fuck u!!!!

  • Cergy


     a months ago

    5:10 Wow... Nice stretching 😂

  • 키돈돈


     2 months ago

    Fucking Japan

  • Courtney Salmon

    Courtney Salmon

     3 months ago

    FYI, the yelling is a potent psychological part of the game and it's effectiveness is determined by how the opponent allows it to affect him.

  • Chu


     3 months ago

    lmaoo whos mans 3:20

  • Skinach


     3 months ago

    3:23 What were those sounds 😂

  • dawid L

    dawid L

     3 months ago

    Never see so fast !!! I wanna play like this!

  • Gustavo Hideki Kawano Shimizu

    Gustavo Hideki Kawano Shimizu

     3 months ago


  • Mike Paulo

    Mike Paulo

     3 months ago

    Harimoto and Lin are the future of table tennis. can dislodge the Chinese future players.

  • Jingf Pu

    Jingf Pu

     3 months ago

    It looks like that penhold table tennis players deal better with such fight-or-death and always-attack style more than shakehand grip players do, and Xuxin gains more advantage over Tomokazu Harimoto more than Malong and Zhangjike.


  • Beni Edan

    Beni Edan

     3 months ago

    Xu xin win to Tomokazu harimoto in australian open 2018

  • Michael tang

    Michael tang

     4 months ago

    5:10 lol

  • Felipe Herrera G.

    Felipe Herrera G.

     4 months ago

    Deberían ponerle un bozal a motopoto

  • Well Mefisto

    Well Mefisto

     5 months ago +1

    XX has improved soooo much!! Who could say that, in their first face to face, Harimoto got to lead the match 3 x 1... But eventually lost. But now, the boy is still playing quite stunningly, and even so, doesn't stand a chance against Cloud Walker.

  • Василий Пупкин

    Василий Пупкин

     5 months ago

    Пора ставить пиздюка на место. И вечно орущюю хлеборезку залупой затыкать.

  • Yoonsoo Park

    Yoonsoo Park

     5 months ago +2

    harimoto shut up