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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 31, 2016
  • Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ralphthemovie...twitter: @ralphsepeArmoured Skeptic: https://www.youtube.com/armouredskepticArticle: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendly...God's Not Dead 2 is a 2016 American Christian drama film directed by Harold Cronk and stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, David A. R. White, Hayley Orrantia, and Sadie Robertson. It is the sequel to the 2014 film God's Not Dead and was released on April 1, 2016. It was the final film role for Fred Thompson.History teacher Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart), a devout Christian, notices that one of her students, Brooke Thawley (Hayley Orrantia), is withdrawn following the recent death of her brother. Involved in little more than her studies, Brooke notices Grace's hope-filled attitude, and asks where Grace finds her hope. Grace replies "Jesus", and Brooke begins to read the Bible for herself. As Grace lectures on Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., Brooke asks whether their peaceful teachings relate to the biblical account of the Sermon on the Mount. Grace responds in the affirmative, and quotes scripture. The other students begin texting their parents about the class, and the ensuing backlash draws the ire of Principal Kinney (Robin Givens). She reprimands Grace, saying that the teacher's faith clouded her judgment. Grace is subsequently brought before the School Board, who inform her that legal action will be taken against her as she has violated the separation of church and state. Grace's case draws the attention of Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe), a charismatic defense attorney who is willing to aid her despite being an unbeliever himself.The School Board brings Grace's case before the Supreme Court, hoping to secure her termination and strip her of her teaching license unless she issues an apology, which Grace refuses to do. To Brooke's horror, confident prosecutor Pete Kane (Ray Wise) declares that the lawsuit will "prove once and for all that God is dead". His opening argument suggests that the society of the United States will crumble should Grace fail to be found guilty. Endler responds by stating that Grace was simply doing her job, and that the law separating church and state was written by Thomas Jefferson in an effort to protect the church, not persecute it. Kane builds a strong case against Brooke by bringing forward witnesses such as Kinney and Brooke's parents, prompting Endler to rethink their defense. Meanwhile Brooke, who has developed a new found faith, stands in solidarity with her friends against Kinney. The defense is dealt another blow when their key juror, Pastor David Hill (David A.R. White), becomes ill. Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace is called as an expert witness, arguing that it is illogical to think that the gospel was a conspiracy because despite facing persecution and death, none of the Apostles ever retracted the accounts of seeing the risen Jesus. Kane is floored to learn that Wallace was formerly an atheist who was converted to Christianity.Brooke voices her support of Grace, and is allowed as a witness. Kane is able to trick her into admitting that it was Grace and not Brooke who initiated their first conversation about Jesus. As Grace becomes more and more discouraged, Brooke and her friends sing her a song in an attempt to build up her spirits. Using a tactic to position Grace as a hostile witness, Endler gets the judge to inform the jury not to let their bias or prejudices interfere with their verdict. The jury ultimately finds in favor of Grace, who rejoices along with Brooke and Endler as Kane stands humiliated.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/6mm6qdSVfUc


  • Iare RubberDucky

    Iare RubberDucky

     2 years ago +4015

    The Bee Movie's courtroom scene was better than God's Not Dead 2's courtroom scene

  • Me


     a years ago +1376

    I’m Christian
    Like my name is Christian

  • O’Neill Productions

    O’Neill Productions

     a years ago +1074

    I just god hit by a car, my ribs have been crushed and blood is pouring into my lungs. It is a time for celebration.

  • FadingLight3582


     10 months ago +646

    This movie was released on April fools day, it is a huge joke

  • Young In

    Young In

     8 months ago +400

    I'm hilarious, and I find this Christian.

  • Daniel Attrell

    Daniel Attrell

     2 years ago +4729

    They should just give the rights back to Marvel

  • Sam


     9 months ago +270

    14:20 "hey mom, yeah I'm at the party but uh they're referencing religion can you come pick me up, please I'm scared"

  • Zack WithaK

    Zack WithaK

     9 months ago +420

    All those court cases are basically saying "As christians, we're being oppressed because we're not allowed to oppress gay people Waaaaa! ;-;" Also, a lot of them use the word "force" to further their beloved self-victimization.

  • jensibowable


     11 months ago +674

    “Prayer is a powerfull thing.” Yes, so are placebo pills

  • On yo feet maggot

    On yo feet maggot

     10 months ago +265

    I think Book of Eli is the best religious movie I’ve seen because it shows both the good and bad effects that bible can have on people. It doesn’t show the bible as a key happiness and being all divine. It’s portrayed as a symbol of power, leadership, and inspiration but it’s also a matter of how someone can use it. They can use it to unite people like what Eli does or it can be used to control people like what Gary Oldman’s character does. It shows that not all people who believe in god are good and having a bible and knowledge of christianity doesn’t make you a good person. It really just shows how religion can be used in positive and negative ways. I cannot emphasize enough on how well it depicts religion. It’s not like these garbage movies where it’s like “here’s a christian. This person is good. Everyone else is bad.” In Book in Eli it’s like “here’s two people who believe and preach the same thing but are completely morally different.”

  • tremic


     2 years ago +2836

    That scientology presentation. I don't know how he kept a straight face through that

  • wa ck

    wa ck

     7 months ago +168

    God’s Not Dead 2 was released on April 1st, 2016
    Pure Flix is pretty self aware

  • Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper

     8 months ago +179

    "My cancer is gone"
    Bishhhh do these people know it's called remission?
    Also. If god got rid of the cancer then, in the same way of thinking, god gave you cancer, right?

  • Emma Stark

    Emma Stark

     11 months ago +155

    lmao some public school teachers talk about religion literally all the time. it's only when teachers are forcing kids to participate in some religious activity that they might get fired, but most likely just reprimanded. when talking about history, religion HAS to be discussed. it's SUCH a large part of our history.

  • Dr. Oktoberfest

    Dr. Oktoberfest

     9 months ago +262

    Man they really do hate us gays
    Since there are so many damn court cases about christians being anti gay

  • Stone Cold Steve Autism

    Stone Cold Steve Autism

     2 years ago +2504

    Ralph is criminally underrated. So naturally funny.

  • Brandon Lawson

    Brandon Lawson

     7 months ago +83

    My religion is the almighty Iraqi Food Cart!!

  • Anna Johnsen

    Anna Johnsen

     a years ago +121

    you're right, Jesus would never make this kind of film.

  • NCR Trooper

    NCR Trooper

     11 months ago +140

    Episode I: The Non-Phantom God
    Episode II: Failed Attack of the Demons
    Avengers III: Revenge of Satan even though he still loses
    Episode IV: Jesus brings hope
    Episode V: Satan Attempts To Strike Back But God is OP
    X-Men: Return Of The Faith
    Episode VII: Christianity Awakens
    Episode VIII: Infinity Jesus

  • MichaelR8783


     5 months ago +69

    13:22 “Prayer is a powerful thing” Except when it comes to school shootings.