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Why Apple TV Plus is basically free

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 1, 2019
  • Apple TV Plus is the company’s first major foray into original television. It’s also Apple’s attempt at making a mark in the streaming wars. That’s partially why Apple is giving it away for free, echoing Amazon’s Prime Video strategy. But it won’t always be free, and Apple knows that.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6rXXsT0Q6II


  • The Verge

    The Verge

     2 months ago +322

    Which streaming platform are you most excited for?

  • Kanishk Ravivanshi

    Kanishk Ravivanshi

     12 hours ago

    U just read my mind

  • Parminder Bajwa

    Parminder Bajwa

     2 days ago

    There's nothing free ... Have to pay for all movies and shows

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     6 days ago

    I really really enjoyed for all mankind

  • Fabian Fabian Fabian

    Fabian Fabian Fabian

     7 days ago

    just bought an apple product and received the 1 yr free AppleTV Plus subscription... but there is hardly anything on it... & the few shows that we actually liked and clicked on to watch WERE NOT free. so in my opinion, there is nothing free at all about the 1 year free AppleTV Plus. LOL

  • Fernie Flores

    Fernie Flores

     7 days ago

    She listens to Selena Gomez 🤯

  • Kennard LIONG

    Kennard LIONG

     7 days ago

    the intro is sickkk

  • db Music Productions

    db Music Productions

     14 days ago

    Apple comes late to the dance and offers just about nothing. Yes, I get it free for a year, but the likelihood that I will routinely go to the app in order to access things I already get other places is about 0%. Seems like Apple would have waited until they had something unique to offer. I have no reason to navigate through their software.

  • greenranger2482


     14 days ago

    Well I'm happy with Hulu more shows I watch and one bill

  • Susan Davis

    Susan Davis

     14 days ago

    I normally love Apple products, but Apple+ has almost NO CONTENT. Eight shows is not enough to call yourself a "streaming service." I'm sorry I bought it. Everything I click on costs more money or takes me to a different service. Thinking of switching to Disney+ where at least there's something to watch.

  • AskMiko


     14 days ago

    Apple has no content... they are data mining your other streaming services into their device to track behavior. They have 8 shows, no movies and other content featured on their home page requires a subscription to that other service or app. Giving it to millions of existing users is just a way to say they have over xxx signups. They should have loaded 20 movies along with the "ok boomer" TV shows and maybe people would want to check in more often. All they are proving is they are slow to rise in this space and is an example of how they run their business

  • Quic Gaming

    Quic Gaming

     14 days ago

    Team trees

  • Bethany Prowse

    Bethany Prowse

     14 days ago

    But, whats the point of it when you have to buy/rent everything... you'd of thought by paying for the subscription service that'd be enough, is for things like Disneylife and Netflix, smh.

  • Ron Handy

    Ron Handy

     14 days ago

    I signed up for Apple TV+ for $4.99 a month, but when I choose a movie or TV show it asks me for more money to rent or buy it... what good is that??? Why must I pay more when I want to rent a movie??? What is the $4.99 for???

  • Aubry


     14 days ago

    Amazon saying prime got big because of video is the biggest lie I have ever heard, it’s obviously because of how fast u can get shipping and how it’s even free for as many orders u put. And that some items can’t be bought without prime to begin with. But I guess he needs more investors on board.

  • cobberbrimo


     21 days ago +1

    Apple+ requires an Apple ID just to watch a trailer on the site which means Apple has (deliberately) added a hurdle and don't really want people watching or signing up for it. Probably understandable with the tiny catalogue at the moment so this could turn in to a case of jumping the gun and ultimately burning potential subscribers. Apple+ will fail compared to the other big streaming services.

  • Zoolookuk


     21 days ago +1

    Ultimately it will be about content quality. It's one thing to package universally available content in a nice product (Music, News) but another thing to provide unique content no available elsewhere (Apple TV, Arcade). Ultimately there will have to be consolidation in streaming, but the competition will be interesting for a while. My streaming service of choice is HBO and Netflix (which I've had literally since then started streaming on the Xbox360).

  • B Fowl

    B Fowl

     21 days ago

    Who's this dude?

  • B Fowl

    B Fowl

     21 days ago

    No thanks. I dont take advice from ladyboys

  • Pato Swag

    Pato Swag

     21 days ago

    There’s a lot of people watching this and getting a Apple product in 1/2 day(s)