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Why Apple TV Plus is basically free

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 1, 2019
  • Apple TV Plus is the company’s first major foray into original television. It’s also Apple’s attempt at making a mark in the streaming wars. That’s partially why Apple is giving it away for free, echoing Amazon’s Prime Video strategy. But it won’t always be free, and Apple knows that.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6rXXsT0Q6II


  • The Verge

    The Verge

     a months ago +301

    Which streaming platform are you most excited for?

  • Red King

    Red King

     2 hours ago

    Yeah I got 2 year free from an email.

  • R Smith

    R Smith

     22 hours ago

    I have a subscription to Apple TV+. Its SO boring. Besides Servant, that's pretty wild.

  • Orange cookie

    Orange cookie


    I don't use apple so it's not free

  • donald crawford

    donald crawford

     2 days ago

    Another tv station. wow. cannot say it will be any better than all the rest.????

  • butchurbear


     3 days ago

    Amazon makes sense vs Apple TV which makes literally no sense

  • Ang


     4 days ago

    Apple TV Plus will cost $5 a month and offer a seven-day free trial.
    People who buy a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch or Mac starting Sept. 10 will qualify for a free subscription for one year.

  • Shmoney!


     6 days ago

    Torrenting is a thing

  • Harry t

    Harry t

     7 days ago

    Got excited. Just bought a new iPhone. Got notification that I get one year free. Checked out the shows and decided against it. They are giving me a year free and I still don’t want it. It’s that bad

  • TheDelicateArch


     7 days ago

    Does it only have few shows or am I missing something?

  • mai FN

    mai FN

     7 days ago

    Agreed wirh the apple acosystem thing

  • tvira959


     14 days ago

    The $5.00 is worth the money for the four weekly original series that I enjoy. The content set up is AWEFUL. 90% of the movies or series you may want to see are NOT available unless you shell out more MONEY. A movie looked interesting but have to to pay $13.00 monthly membership to Prime Video, or $11.00 to Showtime, or $15.00 for HBO, or $6.00 for Disney Channel, or $9.00 for Starz, etc, etc, etc...Bottom line...its a shortcut to some or all the above. BTW, still paying internet expense, cable or dish expense, sports package, and there may be other expenses (gaming?) I am not aware of. Don’t need that much entertainment , diversion or”programming” in my life.

  • Brian PRM

    Brian PRM

     14 days ago

    Apple TV Plus is awful. I haven't liked anything they've dropped so far.. Some of the shows are actually pretty terrible.. Honestly, the only thing that sounds good they have coming out is Time Bandits..

  • arijit patra

    arijit patra

     14 days ago

    I tried See and the morning show but both were really boring(my opinion). I am glad I didn't buy the subscription. Will try again after a year but for now Netflix and Amazon prime crushes apple tv to the ground.

  • Kyle Brock

    Kyle Brock

     14 days ago

    Apple is so bad at figuring out what everyone else is doing.

  • Marcus Taylor

    Marcus Taylor

     14 days ago

    Can you only watch Apple TV+ only on apple products? Is there no app to download without a phone, or Apple TV or iMac etc?

  • Breezy


     14 days ago

    it has 8 shows.

  • Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy

     14 days ago


  • Yes Im Going To Be That Guy

    Yes Im Going To Be That Guy

     14 days ago +2

    I just got a free year, tried it out, its literally just the itunes store reskined and you have to pay to use it everything is the same price

  • Taimoor. Khawajakhail

    Taimoor. Khawajakhail

     14 days ago