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7 Mistakes I Made Starting a Non Profit | #Entrepreneurship

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • Starting a nonprofit organization or researching what it would take to start one? Check out a few BIG mistakes I made in my start up nonprofit and DON'T do what I did! #Nonprofit #Entrepreneurship #SocialEnterprise

    Don't worry, things turned out okay. I now work full-time for the 501c3 nonprofit I started and love seeing the social impact we make in our community as we grow each year. But looking back, I could have done a few things differently as a nonprofit entrepreneur to get us to the scale we're at now more quickly and with less of a struggle.

    If you've started a nonprofit or known someone who has - what mistakes did you / they make along the way that you learned from? Share in the comments below! THANK YOU for checking out my first video - I hope you enjoy!


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