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Born Addicted

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • Babies are suffering in the heroin epidemic. The crisis is filling up hospitals, nurseries and clogging our courts.
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     1 years ago


  • Ceara Bright

     10 days ago

    Im not going agree with that because she could have been on it way before she was pregnant and drugs r not easy to stop using once it's n your system 🤷

  • rose parra

     14 days ago

    Scott Martin u litterly responded to my comment basically trying to make me look bad so don’t act clueless and I know I cannot spell not everyone can.🙄

  • Skiler

     11 months ago

    Sadly I am one of those children, I almost died. Luckily my dad never gave up on me, and I am thankful I am still alive. :)

  • Isaac Simpson

     15 days ago

    Fuck you skiler stop doing cocaine bitch

  • Denise Thomas

     15 days ago

    @Isaac Simpson wdym boi?!?

  • Ashley McIntyre

     6 months ago

    I cannot watch this baby cry, breaks my damn heart

  • Kimberley Fatima Ling

     2 months ago

    Same the cry was heart breaking.

  • Jane Doe

     1 years ago

    These woman should not have custody of these children

  • tiredproductivity

     4 days ago

    @Lovely Queen635 not always. If mom was in treatment before birth and dependence was due to a medicine she was allowed to take it doesnt always happen.

  • Burnetta jones

     11 days ago

    Obie drier iam so happy for that baby hopefully it will get the love it so needed

  • Tasha Heat

     1 years ago

    I understand why females that use drugs can conceive and their females out here that don't even use drugs and can't even have children it just sad 😭

  • Radiator Bacon

     28 days ago

    Then they can adopt. Please, please if you are reading this adopt children who don't have homes.

  • ItWasn'tMe Or Maybe

     1 months ago

    I have a question sorry for that but what do you think about the woman that doesn't do drug and who doesn't wanna have kids later?

  • c cc

     1 years ago

    this is heartbreaking

  • Ttg_Leasia

     1 years ago

    No baby should have to go though that

  • Evelyne Zachary

     1 years ago

    I was born this way, thank God he saved me my mother gave me up for adoption thank God!

  • rose parra

     21 days ago

    Don’t blame your birth mom No it’s not a choice it’s a sickness

  • Brittanya Willis

     22 days ago

    @morningwoodcheeto Oh my gosh, leave people and their beliefs tf alone dude 🙄

  • Erin Stott

     8 months ago

    How is this not criminal? It is 100% abuse. If you are found to not keep a clean house or leave your kids unattended CPS is there with an order to remove.

  • Рикардо Милос

     21 days ago

    Rosangela Sena but it still affect the baby. So no, it’s not only her body!

  • christynrachandbri

     1 months ago

    Erin Stott they are fetuses.... if you can abort a fetus .... or murder a fetus ..... how can it be abuse to use while pregnant ? it’s the mothers body you can’t have ur cake and eat it too


     1 years ago

    I am going through this now, with a daughter in law !!!. She has had 3 addicted babies, & no one but me, is fighting for them !.

  • Michele Gonzalez

     1 months ago

    @3G Dripdropersare you kidding ?

  • Real_Talk_ Recovery

     1 months ago

    Come to my channel. I will help her.

  • Shine the Ayys

     1 years ago

    How are they still not in prison

  • Taralynn Torres Carrera Lopez

     1 years ago

    Shine the Ayys because it's not agents the law to get help while pregnant. If they locked them up then there would be more born on the streets on illegal drugs like heroin instead of them coming to a clinic for help. Methadone and other state approved things are better then street drugs. It's not like those females said "oh let's get hooked on illegal drugs and get pregnant so the baby can suffer" If they continue to use during pregnancy or after birth then baby gets taken away. Everyone mak...