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Born Addicted

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • Babies are suffering in the heroin epidemic. The crisis is filling up hospitals, nurseries and clogging our courts.
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  • c cc

    c cc

     2 years ago +348

    this is heartbreaking

  • Skiler


     a years ago +837

    Sadly I am one of those children, I almost died. Luckily my dad never gave up on me, and I am thankful I am still alive. :)

  • Victoria Bardsley

    Victoria Bardsley

     a years ago +108

    I'm child free by choice and this made me cry - my heart absolutely breaks for these innocent babies.

  • Tasha Heat

    Tasha Heat

     a years ago +765

    I understand why females that use drugs can conceive and their females out here that don't even use drugs and can't even have children it just sad 😭

  • Ashley McIntyre

    Ashley McIntyre

     8 months ago +228

    I cannot watch this baby cry, breaks my damn heart

  • Taniyah Wiliams

    Taniyah Wiliams

     7 months ago +86

    My cousin was born a crack baby and his mom had HIV but luckily he didn’t have the disease. He’s 16 now and just fine.


     a years ago +233

    I am going through this now, with a daughter in law !!!. She has had 3 addicted babies, & no one but me, is fighting for them !.

  • Lil'Monki


     11 months ago +72

    03:33 that's the cutest yawn ever

  • Noom Graham

    Noom Graham

     a years ago +161

    Poor babies

  • Liz Mowrey

    Liz Mowrey

     a years ago +221

    Shame on those that use while pregnant!

  • Brooke Dougherty

    Brooke Dougherty

     7 months ago +136

    I was born addicted to crack, I was taken away and given to a loving family thank god. This needs to stop! Don't get pregnant if you are addicted

  • bunny bee

    bunny bee

     a years ago +110

    I can't stop crying oh my god oh my god Jesus Christ help these babies oh my god

  • irishmetalfan


     2 years ago +158

    I'm crying here

  • Shine the Ayys

    Shine the Ayys

     2 years ago +287

    How are they still not in prison

  • danielled1992


     3 months ago +11

    I hope these kids were taken away from these people.
    Absolute trash.

  • Evelyne Zachary

    Evelyne Zachary

     a years ago +955

    I was born this way, thank God he saved me my mother gave me up for adoption thank God!

  • Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

     a years ago +1507

    These woman should not have custody of these children

  • Erin Stott

    Erin Stott

     10 months ago +336

    How is this not criminal? It is 100% abuse. If you are found to not keep a clean house or leave your kids unattended CPS is there with an order to remove.

  • Pjloves6 Jenson

    Pjloves6 Jenson

     a years ago +23

    😭😭😭 poor baby

  • Dulcelina Cabral

    Dulcelina Cabral

     6 months ago +7

    Ain't that something, take one drug to help you with another drug.🤪🤪🤪💉💉💉💉💊💊💊