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The Worst Recipes on Youtube

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
  • This is the greatest dessert of All Time
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  • Damijon Mowrey

    Damijon Mowrey

     8 hours ago

    Dude literally made a song called I need more porn....

  • Damijon Mowrey

    Damijon Mowrey

     8 hours ago

    Not just sugar powder sugar?

  • Joey Fahd

    Joey Fahd

     8 hours ago


  • Erin Bell

    Erin Bell

     10 hours ago

    Who else was looking at Critikals tabs?

  • cainm101


     12 hours ago

    alright, i got a weird theory. featureman is going through kemo. My uncle is a cancer survivor and when he was doing kemo his taste buds were fried and he would eat strange things. I just remember my aunt telling me he was mixing tomato soup and tuna.

  • 5160411406 Jimmy sim

    5160411406 Jimmy sim

     16 hours ago

    1:43 is that uncook rice?



     18 hours ago


  • Jayden Fullerton

    Jayden Fullerton

     19 hours ago

    The real life Buddy the Elf

  • God


     19 hours ago

    WTF 'gacha life mini movie?' what the fuck? are you serious?

  • Manly Rancer

    Manly Rancer


    This guy vs how to basic
    I’m not sure who would make it out alive

  • mmarmars



    damn i got so offended at the rice part

  • Grey 59

    Grey 59

     2 days ago

    Ngl rice and milk go hard asf. I always ate that shit when i was a toddler



     2 days ago

    I too only measure things in quantities of whip cream bowls

  • Theychristard Hamy

    Theychristard Hamy

     2 days ago

    This man has been on the site since it more or less when it launched

  • there is nothing to see

    there is nothing to see

     2 days ago +1


  • flatearth crypto

    flatearth crypto

     2 days ago

    his pots so dirty lol

  • Computer Whisperer

    Computer Whisperer

     2 days ago

    Man, these videos are doing wonders for my ego

  • Nicolla


     3 days ago

    Bruh corn flakes have no sweetness at all

  • Charli's Momma

    Charli's Momma

     3 days ago

    "This mans' pantry must look like Willy Wonkas' dumpster." Fucking dead 🤣😂💀

  • Armory Kittington

    Armory Kittington

     3 days ago

    It took me a long time to realize his channel is satire because it's so low-key. I still feel like he enjoys the foods and it's not completely fake and that's what makes it confusing. Also the grandpa vibes and that he probably experienced the Great Depression.