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Sherlock Holmes Gameplay and Commentary

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 10, 2014
  • This is the greatest telescope of All Time
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  • Ingrid Lopez

    Ingrid Lopez

     4 years ago +1090

    You're better than pewds #sorrynotsorry

  • King Devyn Burke III

    King Devyn Burke III

     4 years ago +285

    You should really fix that crashing problem. At first I thought it was just because you played shitty quality games, but I've deduced that there's more to it than that. Were you by any chance fully clothed at the time the game crashed?

  • Bryce Wiseman

    Bryce Wiseman

     4 years ago +389

    3:17 he uses the word "tit" so often out of context that when it actually shows up, he gets confused.

  • Koma Koffee

    Koma Koffee

     4 years ago +162

    Mr. Holmes
    Mr. Holmes
    Mr. Holmes
    Mr. Holmes
    Mr. Holmes

  • Sly Goat

    Sly Goat

     4 years ago +101

    cr1tikal was getting too close to the truth, he knew too much and the game stopped him the only way it could. The identity of the gardener can never be known by mere mortals.

  • Matthias Proser

    Matthias Proser

     3 years ago +209

    "Mister Holmes happens to wear a size 8. It was his lucky day."

  • Lasmamoe


     4 years ago +46

    "Did you notice anything unusual at the night of the murder; such as a beaver playing the accordion? That would certainly be peculiar"
    This is detective work at its finest.

  • exiledPostman


     4 years ago +120

    Legend has it the police officer is still saying "Mr. Holmes? Mr. Holmes? Mr. Holmes?" to this day.

  • Send Dreams

    Send Dreams

     4 years ago +130

    "case closed boys, he's dead."

  • Matthew Bowen

    Matthew Bowen

     4 years ago +313

    Sherlock- "The door is locked."
    Cr1tical- "Nothing gets by Sherlock Holmes."
    I love his sarcasm XD

  • Dolli


     4 years ago +146

    Clearly the sheer lack of gardening skills caused Mrs. Carey to kill her husband in psychotic rage, hide her extra teeth in a box and then force Sherlock.exe to stop responding. Case closed!



     4 years ago +81

    I was interested to see exactly how much force 1 tera-Newton is, so i did a few calculations to see how fast that spear was going when it penetrated Peter Carey's body. Assuming that spear weighs 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds), and the spear was accelerated over a distance of 2 meters (about 7 feet), the spear would have been traveling at close to the speed of light when it hit the body.
    My conclusion is that The Flash must have speared Mr. Carey.

  • Brandon at Vault-Tec

    Brandon at Vault-Tec

     4 years ago +222

    Can we see more of this flawless game?

  • LiAR_17


     4 years ago +111

    Is it me or does this guy remind you of Ghengis Swan?

  • Feuerex


     4 years ago +37

    looks through the telescope: "I regret this decision...". Pure genius!

  • The Canadian Bacon

    The Canadian Bacon

     4 years ago +35

    Can you please narrate my life

  • LittleRedHatter247


     4 years ago +29

    'Case closed boys this man is dead'

  • SolidSnake684


     4 years ago +25

    If we go along with Holmes logic, then at every surprise party, the guest of honor should come in completely nude or at the very least have their clothes fly off upon being surprised.

  • SeaJay


     4 years ago +24

    I actually want him to investigate the entire murder mystery now.

  • Jackson Tavares

    Jackson Tavares

     3 years ago +70

    surprisingly good graphics