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AirPods Pro review - Apple at its best

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • The AirPods Pro aren't the best sounding or longest lasting wireless earbuds, but they’re by far the easiest and most delightful to use. Jason runs us through his review, which you can read on

    Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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  • DGames135


     11 hours ago

    The ANC is amazing, I can’t even hear my fire alarm anymore

  • Robinson


     13 hours ago

    With the 2nd AirPods people can hear what you’re listening to but do the pros block sound leak?

  • ColorMyPods Today

    ColorMyPods Today

     3 days ago
    Check it our :P

  • Awesome cake

    Awesome cake

     7 days ago

    Just ordered mine, don’t order from Apple they take 2 months to ship



     7 days ago +1

    Air pods are great , they are the best , I have the pros , this guy is wrong , they are so good



     7 days ago

    Hi friends This product is really great. I just tried from my friend. I wanted to share with you

  • Annette Honsinger

    Annette Honsinger

     7 days ago

    Just bought mine yesterday. My first Air Pods and I’m not disappointed!



     7 days ago

    So are they good or not

  • Local Trap Star

    Local Trap Star

     7 days ago

    Buddy is a hater.

  • Nélio Silva

    Nélio Silva

     7 days ago

    Couldn't agree more, nice review!!! specially the sound quality!!!

  • Creolelady98


     14 days ago +3

    You can get a crisp high range if u go to the phone EQ and set it to “late night”

  • Asa Allison

    Asa Allison

     14 days ago +1

    I feel like if beats made something like that, they would wipe out Sony, apple and all those companies making the “pro noise canceling wireless earbuds”

  • christopher swagerty

    christopher swagerty

     14 days ago

    I love my AirPod Pros. Got a good deal on them from amazon right here Check them out

  • Joshua Neethirajan

    Joshua Neethirajan

     14 days ago +1

    Found these 1:1 supercopy of the AIRPODS PRO with all the similar features and packaging for $80

  • ejellyfish


     21 days ago

    I don’t like any plastic ear tips, they fall out and got lost. I wish there will be an update of the original “one piece” design with shorter stems.

  • moose185


     21 days ago +1

    I really want to buy these, but worried they will fall out my ear.

  • Abdulsamet Kanak

    Abdulsamet Kanak

     21 days ago

    You can buy airpods for just $ 139 by clicking this link 😊

  • Oscar Aviles

    Oscar Aviles

     21 days ago

    I got mine used first time on a plane really impressed me never used noice cancellation headphones because the Spence this my first noice cancellation headphones very good maybe is not the best but for my got everything in one device

  • At Close Range

    At Close Range

     21 days ago +1

    Warning! Don't believe that. The new air pods pro sound shit. Let me explain: I work in the remastering domain and I just tried them at the Apple Store and all what I can say it is not good at all compare to the previous air pod. There's no dynamic, the sound isn't highlighted, without deep, no presence and flatter. If you don't believe me, go to your Apple Store and ask to try both air pods and air pods pro and you will understand.

  • Matvey Yuryaev

    Matvey Yuryaev

     21 days ago +19

    These are BlackPods2. They are matte black finishes for up to 3 hours of continuous listening and the battery compartment lasts 3 to 5 charge cycles. Hope you like it!