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Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Conspiracy!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 5, 2016
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    Zootopia, has something for everyone: cute bunnies, a positive message, and CRACK COCAINE! How much do you really know about this new Disney classic? I got way more than I bargained for after comparing this story to actual historical events and outlining the real themes of race, drugs, and crime that you can see in the movie. Take a look and see how far down the rabbit hole of Zootopia really goes...

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  • Lucky Jolteon

    Lucky Jolteon

     37 minutes ago

    I need bleach

  • Dubstep Mc BOSS

    Dubstep Mc BOSS

     an hour ago

    Idk bout crack but coke hits instantly and is all in your head its not a physical thing likw sometimes you might not even notice you are up yet untill u go back down

  • Emmalynn Roberts

    Emmalynn Roberts

     7 hours ago

    Honestly my druggie uncle loved this movie so not surprised

  • Rainbow Marc Galactic Wisard

    Rainbow Marc Galactic Wisard

     8 hours ago +1


  • Random Videos

    Random Videos

     11 hours ago +1

    Disney may go dark but they don’t go that dark

  • Nana Shin

    Nana Shin

     20 hours ago

    Gee my classmate expected me to not know this theory

  • xXyeboimateoXx


     22 hours ago

    Zootopia in a but shell.


  • Dominic Ryan

    Dominic Ryan

     23 hours ago

    Every body makin fbi jokes which is wierd because he literally called the out the cia

  • LMG Consulting

    LMG Consulting


    Rude not all colombia people do this

  • Trippa Mazing

    Trippa Mazing

     yesterday +2

    when you watch a grown man talk about a children's movie and how plants in a fake farm are dangerous for 13 minutes

  • Sam




  • James Dinius

    James Dinius


    One thing to note is that unlike the Coca plant, Night Howlers can have similar effects in their raw form. The distillery we see is likely just to concentrate it so the effect can be delivered by a small pellet. Also, care to explain why (in the serum form at least), the effects never wear off unless an antidote is administered. Cocaine (or any drug really) should eventually work its way out of your system naturally. Why doesn't this happen in the movie? Why are the effects permanent?

  • Valentina Argote

    Valentina Argote


    Colombian nose candy😒🔪

  • Electric Dingus

    Electric Dingus

     yesterday +1

    Like if that tiger is the creepiest part of zootopia

  • Mohammad Alkhiyami

    Mohammad Alkhiyami


    Cute talking animals
    A positive Social message of acceptance
    And crack cocaine!
    Me: co- Wait what?

  • Master bot Pinkybro

    Master bot Pinkybro

     2 days ago


  • paloma


     2 days ago +1

    Colombia Candies :
    Me :bonbom bun
    Film theory :cocain

    I prefer your version

  • A Lonley Ramen Noodle

    A Lonley Ramen Noodle

     2 days ago

    how y'all furries doing?

  • Dark Skon

    Dark Skon

     4 days ago

    the real rick ross

  • Mr Blue

    Mr Blue

     4 days ago +1

    What does they eat......... They are all animals what meat do they eat......