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Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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    WE broke our iMac Pro... But then we tried to PAY Apple to repair it. They REFUSED. Come with us on a journey of frustration...

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  • Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech Tips

     a years ago +5118

    Head over to the forum post at to let us know if you can help with our iMac Pro repair!

  • Thomasito Ferrari

    Thomasito Ferrari

     an hour ago

    Everyone, let's ALL say it together now!


  • Oskar Samborowski

    Oskar Samborowski

     6 hours ago

    Apple sports, it's only game!

  • Jonnywab


     15 hours ago

    Exclusitivium. Like a dumbass i had to Google that lol

  • Brent Walterfang

    Brent Walterfang

     yesterday +1

    Apple = trash

  • Nemo Gage

    Nemo Gage


    Apple only has good service if you go to a genius bar, try that

  • HighNoon



    Never buy another apple product, again until you get the amount it would take to repair it from what you buy from their immediate competitors.

  • Hooligan


     yesterday +6

    Here in 2019 and I am guessing it never got fixed lol

  • Kevin Wang

    Kevin Wang

     2 days ago

    the only think i like about apple is ios.

  • Arnaud MEURET

    Arnaud MEURET

     2 days ago +1

    Your “situation re-enactments” are terrible, dudes. 😩

  • Reagan Huang

    Reagan Huang

     2 days ago

    Wow apple smeared their own face with lots of faeces

  • ayoub mechboukh

    ayoub mechboukh

     2 days ago

    Love how the videos stopped at 6.9

  • Allen S

    Allen S

     2 days ago

    Did this iMac Pro 🖥 ever get fixed and is this the same where Apple can’t fix their own machines?

  • that1stupidkidツ


     3 days ago

    This happend to my mom she got a new iPhone and it broke then she sent it to apple and they sent it back with a SHATTERD screen wouldn't even turn on and it came back with water damage and to this day apple still didnt fix it

  • Kelly Stout

    Kelly Stout

     3 days ago

    I like this because it confirms my thoughts about Apple.

  • Zhiyang Lu

    Zhiyang Lu

     3 days ago

    The dealership won't take your car and your insurance company would simply tell you the car is totaled and pay you it's market value. But if you wish to repair it by yourself good luck with reinspection. Nevertheless you have better odds in this car scenario.

  • Kuciapix


     3 days ago

    Apple has had its users in the ass for some time.

    Ps:Super good advice: don't use Apple products, customer service sucks.

  • 97 epileptic Walnuts Dancing On Llamas

    97 epileptic Walnuts Dancing On Llamas

     3 days ago

    Why the fuck are these guys working with Apple products in the first place?

  • 97 epileptic Walnuts Dancing On Llamas

    97 epileptic Walnuts Dancing On Llamas

     3 days ago

    God, Apple is so scummy.

  • Alpha Dragon1337

    Alpha Dragon1337

     3 days ago

    Apple sucks here is the prove!