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3D Animation Funny ►◄ Lose Weight (Short Film)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 11, 2017
  • # The world now most people increasing weight, everyone wants to reduce their weight to be slender body shape, the film talks about weight loss by using the most advanced technology in the future ...Thanks For Watching Our Video. Please Subscribe Our Channel To See More Videos.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/9JCKCpq7-30


  • Kaci Hill

    Kaci Hill

     6 months ago +953

    Notice how the girl who came out loving herself for who she was, was the only girl who had someone waiting for her, ready to love her no matter what she looked like.

  • Szia


     2 years ago +1939

    the main video is called 'Slimetime'
    is not about lossing weights but changing your body into what your love wants. But the boyfriend just love the way she are so she didn't changed.

  • dhjsoaksk shja

    dhjsoaksk shja

     a years ago +1004

    Did you guys notice the lady who ate the cake thing was a balloon at the end

  • Estelita Dorion

    Estelita Dorion

     6 months ago +823

    anyone watching in 2019

  • Puff


     a years ago +609

    If you guys did int get it the program is supposed to make you a women that your loveble partner like but he liked her just as she was so she did int change

  • makeup with Tash

    makeup with Tash

     a years ago +317

    I love this because she comes out exactly the same but is more beautiful because she believes she it because it’s all about attitude x love your self no matter what xx you r all beautiful to me x

  • holo


     5 months ago +226

    Is no one going to mention he lowkey a pervert

  • Sung Mook

    Sung Mook

     a years ago +456

    I Love this, I've watched it so many times over the years

  • Moe


     a years ago +184

    I like how it didn’t work for her and her husband still loved her and told her she was beautiful.

  • MelXo


     8 months ago +131

    2:57 haha woman on right didn’t put her goggles on properly

  • Aidan Muller

    Aidan Muller

     2 months ago +69

    I love how he's casually holding her purse the entire time

  • Brooklyn Mitchell

    Brooklyn Mitchell

     5 months ago +43

    Them walking in a line and posing and sighing reminded me of Beauxbaxtons entering Hogwarts in goblet of fire

  • Parker


     7 months ago +51

    Yet she still has a thigh gap.

  • SweetAsHoney XOX

    SweetAsHoney XOX

     11 months ago +166

    3:57 the plants look like butts 😂😂😂

  • F O O T F E T I S H

    F O O T F E T I S H

     a years ago +144

    Because the other girls' boyfriends wanted them to change but the blonde haired girl didn't change because her boyfriend doesn't want her to change

  • Emily SH

    Emily SH

     6 months ago +33

    I love how she walks out by her self at the end like “yeah that’s right I get my own special show case” LIKE YAS WORK IT GURL

  • Star Child

    Star Child

     a years ago +72

    Some metaphors:
    1. mass produced (with conveyer belt like precision )thin ones are clones - so they appear, move and even sound (sigh) identical.
    2. The balloon that got away was a soul passing into the higher realms (death?)
    3. #2 was a warning to The cake eater who is the other ballon (somewhere between self
    indulgence and death?) symbolizing the other extreme of the spectrum from the thin ones.
    4. The plump mate remained so because her identity couldn't be replaced (the thin ones were 'empty' on all levels that were filled up with food.
    5. The sterile voice in speakers heard everywhere is the ongoing messages that have been implanted by media and ads , played over and over in every programmed citizen's mind

  • D ø g g ø S p i r i t

    D ø g g ø S p i r i t

     7 months ago +55

    This reminds me of the bee movie

  • Jenny


     7 months ago +57

    As a thin person I feel personally attacked 😂

  • Kiwi Fruit

    Kiwi Fruit

     6 months ago +33

    I saw this when I was around 7. Been looking for it forever.