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What is Lakad Matatag? The Filipino Meme that Helped OG Win The International

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • There are certain caster calls in esports that have passed into legend. And while all of them might be hype as hell and inseparably tied to the events they described, there is only one that has actually changed the course of history: Lakad Matatag!

    Written by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
    Produced, Edited & Hosted by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)
    Animated Illustrations by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson)
    Shot by: Matt Massey

    Footage credits:

    Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/9jpZL9d4B5M


  • Kakisu The unforgiven

    Kakisu The unforgiven

     2 hours ago

    Lakad matatag

  • Brandon Jay Doluta

    Brandon Jay Doluta

     12 hours ago

    "Lord and Saviour, Gaben" i cant.

  • Mister Hatin

    Mister Hatin

     12 hours ago

    This is fucking gold

  • shilue


     16 hours ago

    tang inang "hakuna matata" na yan HAHAHAHA

  • Allen Limos

    Allen Limos

     16 hours ago

    "Wag kayung mainis mahal ang patis". haha

  • Excompany Music Crew

    Excompany Music Crew

     17 hours ago

    Maaasahan nyo talaga sa Kalukohan ang Mga Pinoy😆

  • lolice


     18 hours ago

    Sounds like the "easiest money of my life" is a reference to singsong and that one interview back in Mausports and subsequent saying something like it after every win. Or maybe not

  • Christian Ganzon

    Christian Ganzon


    Trash Talking is the best way to build up ur hype in game so u can win.
    thats simple.

  • The History

    The History


    Its filipino not tagalog

  • J V

    J V


    Thanks man! No idea about #LakadMatatag even as a half-filipino.😅

  • Trama d Raizel

    Trama d Raizel

     2 days ago

    As a Filipino I laughed just a bit when u pronounced it as

    "Lacawd Mada tawg"...🤣🤣

    I understand 😂😂..👌👌

  • Yves Gonzaga

    Yves Gonzaga

     2 days ago


  • JE ER

    JE ER

     2 days ago

    wag kayong mainis, paalam patis. hahaha

  • John David Maquiling

    John David Maquiling

     2 days ago

    Cong nammbawam

  • Sad Boi

    Sad Boi

     2 days ago +1

    Putangina means handsome

  • Cacchan Mikatsuki

    Cacchan Mikatsuki

     2 days ago

    Goblok anjing where?

  • Yow Mamen

    Yow Mamen

     2 days ago




     3 days ago

    5:00 Cong 😂

  • Rick the Brick

    Rick the Brick

     3 days ago +1

    When they said "Oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy"

    I felt that

  • I hate Stupid ADS

    I hate Stupid ADS

     3 days ago

    Lakad matatag = straight face move forward.