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Boundaries (2018) Official Trailer HD

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
  • The more LAURA (Vera Farmiga) tries to set boundaries in her life, the faster those lines are crossed. Her 12-year-old son HENRY (Lewis MacDougall) is in trouble again at school. Her own penchant for adopting stray dogs and cats threatens to overwhelm their Seattle home. And her phone keeps ringing with calls she refuses to pick up—from her estranged father JACK (Christopher Plummer). Maybe Jack will stick around. For Laura, the chance to accept, forgive, and heal will never go away.
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  • Have a nice Dave

    Have a nice Dave

     a years ago +1


  • Ryan Blase

    Ryan Blase

     a years ago +1

    How anyone could stand to watch this movie after Fonda espoused his subhuman heinous sexual deviancy for raping children and women, I would puke in the theater and cut the screen down if heard his voice.

  • Adam Hart

    Adam Hart

     a years ago

    Nice homey family movie starring a man who advocated for the forced kidnapping, imprisonment, and rape of a child. Not even a statement yet? Good going Sony! Prepare for this and everything else to be trashed, rightfully so.

  • Lisa Weaver

    Lisa Weaver

     a years ago +7

    A kids movie that stars paedo Peter Fonda, who just Tweeted his sick fantasies about Barron Trump. Hey Sony, why haven't you answered Michelle Obama's Tweet demanding you comment on Peter Fonda threatening an 11 y.o. with sexuaI assauIt?

  • Patti


     a years ago +4

    Will not waste a penny of my hard-earned money with anything you put Fonda in. He obviously hates women, based on his pathetic trashy twitter posts.

  • Jurassichero


     a years ago

    Hey sony can we get another slender man trailer it’s been a while

  • Rachan Suasangthong

    Rachan Suasangthong

     a years ago

    The song pls?



     a years ago

    Yes monster calls boy~

  • Daniel Nikrasov

    Daniel Nikrasov

     a years ago

    I see any movie presents by Sony Pictures Classics, I clicked

  • Sachin rocky

    Sachin rocky

     a years ago +6

    : i thought you are Buddhist
    : Oh I am, but you bring out be right wing christian at me...

  • falcon 4627

    falcon 4627

     a years ago

    1:26 Hey, Bobby Cannavale is in a movie playing an estranged father of a boy whose on a countrywide road trip. What a unique role.

  • Fire Wolf

    Fire Wolf

     a years ago

    Is that the woman from last man on earth

  • BigNerdyGamer


     a years ago

    71 to like

  • Bee Maister

    Bee Maister

     a years ago

    0:33 is that...Kristen schaal???

  • Debasish Rath

    Debasish Rath

     a years ago


  • Blαͼk Rσѕé

    Blαͼk Rσѕé

     a years ago

    I need this in my life

  • DeathGamer Hellspawn

    DeathGamer Hellspawn

     a years ago

    256th view

  • DeathGamer Hellspawn

    DeathGamer Hellspawn

     a years ago


  • Kelly Da Wolf

    Kelly Da Wolf

     a years ago

    Goodness me

  • Bankrol


     a years ago

    Stage 6