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VRChat is NOT Kid Friendly..

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 19, 2019
  • VRChat is NOT Kid Friendly..

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ACgoeKpRB-Y


  • HyperNovaPuma


     21 days ago +88

    Hope you enjoy this video! You’re all epic gamers 😎

  • swiftghost 03

    swiftghost 03

     4 days ago


  • Nædrin


     4 days ago

    "i don't need your help, ik how to shit. Could you please leave the stall?"

    I died

  • Jouta Kujo

    Jouta Kujo

     5 days ago

    I was literally just watching seven deadly sins again, and I see king and escanor in the fucking background of this vid twice...
    I cannot escape

  • Beef Boss

    Beef Boss

     5 days ago

    Remember those days when you played double dash as Mario

  • Strawberry Elf

    Strawberry Elf

     6 days ago

    The part when he was pooping I was laughing so hard “chimey chongas”

  • Niyathebrat


     6 days ago

    9:38 he got tf...ASAP 😂

  • Niyathebrat


     6 days ago

    9:03 😭😭

  • iz doodlezz

    iz doodlezz

     6 days ago

    Lanky Kong and Clownpeice two gods one place

  • Islandboy73 Jurayno

    Islandboy73 Jurayno

     7 days ago

    Love your rapping skills bro

  • paranoidgamerz


     7 days ago

    but 16 is legal...

  • Luke Scothon

    Luke Scothon

     7 days ago

    serves spider right for biting peeps before getting permision

  • corysmilezzz


     7 days ago

    That lokirules Loli is my GF. She sent me this video and told me she was so excited cause she knew it was Hyper by his voice.

  • Kian


     7 days ago

    Can i play if lm 21 lm 20 now

  • Professor Battleaxe

    Professor Battleaxe

     7 days ago

    That guy got down
    He knew what was up

  • Itz_axel_yT


     14 days ago

    I hope my like helps that poor spider

  • ジAmy


     14 days ago

    Poor Spider

  • Hidden FoxVR

    Hidden FoxVR

     14 days ago +2

    Yooo, das me doing this splits! ;)

  • Rafa Reynal

    Rafa Reynal

     14 days ago

    Hold up the outro I need that in my life

  • Mircat 1

    Mircat 1

     14 days ago

    why the fuck do I have a fetish for ants now? Hyper literally just ruined me and I swear the next time I see an ant hill, shits gonna get messy.